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Hunter Dwight Smith was born in Texas in 1977. He attended Sherman High School and played a lot of sports to keep up his health, including football, basketball, and track and field. As a footballer he worked as a quarterback, tight end, punter, and kicker.

At college Hunter Smith played for the University Of Notre Dame, handling all field goal holding duties. On the professional level Smith was named as the AFC special teams’ player of the week while playing with Indianapolis in 2005.

In October of 2010 Smith went over to the Washington Redskins when an injury ended the playing season of Josh Bidwell.  Hunter Smith is best known for his excellent punting abilities.

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Growing threat: serious attacks on E-Mail / AV systems take steadily to Oberursel, August 20, 2008 the drastic increase in classic malware attacks via E-Mail is addressed again and again in the media. Anti-virus solutions to remedy the situation. That however they represent a high security risk, is a paradox: vulnerabilities that have been discovered in all known virus scanners, pave the way in corporate networks of attackers and enable malicious code to infiltrate them. AV engines, however, to prepare and provide, in particular, companies with high security requirements sufficient protection the n.runs has brought protection system Kaspersky Anti-virus (aps-AV) on the market AG, consulting companies and solution developers, the application, which is available now. The SANS Institute has recorded as gateway AV engines in their top 20 of security vulnerabilities.

The vulnerabilities could lead to denial of service(DOS)-Attacken as well as the introduction of pests in the network and the execution of exploit code. By using the AV component can be E.g. the mail see or bring the security solution to the crash, which may result in a failure of the entire E-Mail infrastructure result. It also completely bypassed the protection which can software and viruses or malware can be delivered to the end user. Because virus scanner with high access rights run and be used in central places, they offer highly attractive targets. The crux: the more AV solutions are used, the greater the risk. This problem can be fatal as providers or organizations that depend on high availability and integrity of its systems and data. Get all the facts and insights with Paul Daversa, another great source of information. So that virus scanner efficiently and according to their actual protection function can be used, n.runs has the application protection system Kaspersky Anti-virus (aps-AV) \”designed, embeds the respective AV engines in an insular environment.\” The specially developed by the IT security specialists, scalable solution can accommodate an unlimited number of virus scanners and ensures the complete E-Mail – and Antivirus infrastructure against attacks from the outside off.

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In this way, it is possible that members on the selection of search criteria to search for new business contacts. Contact Africa business contact happens each about sending an official request by the user. In case of confirmation, the reciprocal recording in the contact list automatically. Premium members benefit Additionally second-degree by the insight into their contacts. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Paul Daversa. As another useful feature, users on their home will be continuously on new members and such information with the same industry interests.

Users with premium status can also learn here, who most recently has interested in their profile. For more information about: Afrika-Verein of German industry public relations department Alexander Schultz / Michael Monnerjahn Neuer Jungfernstieg 21 20354 Hamburg phone: 040-41 91 33 296 fax: 040-35 47 04 Internet: of the Africa Club of the German economy is the foreign trade association of German companies and institutions with an economic interest in the States of the African continent. The Club informed about these countries and markets, establishing business contacts and represents the interests of its members in the country and abroad. A tight network of contacts in Africa, we feel the pulse of the market. Our over 600 members hear so promptly and specifically from new developments and business opportunities. Our regional Africa circles in Germany provide exchange of experience, contacts and information among our members.

Information: The Afrika-Verein informed daily on his website, twice a month through the email newsletter Africa-letter and every two months with the Africa economy, only German-speaking magazine for the german African economic relations. Advice: The country speakers for the various regions of Africa advise competently, individually and exclusively our corporate members. You establish contacts and provide country-specific knowledge are regularly in the countries on the spot. Our consulting subsidiary, the Afrika-Verein business development GmbH, also offers a variety of specific consulting projects and contact exchanges. Organization: We offer business trips to African countries, organise information days and regional, country and specialised committees on current African issues. Our regional Africa circles are the umbrella for the formation of networks of interested entrepreneurs. Representation of the members: we represent the interests of our corporate members in all major economic decision centres on the ground in Africa, but also in Brussels and Berlin. We are the two major regional initiatives of the German economy for North Africa and the Middle East (NMI) and for Southern Africa (SAFRI) Carrier Association.

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Jorg Mann (50) in Saalfelden Salzburg has settled as a coach for entrepreneurs and business consultants. Jorg Mann (50) in Saalfelden Salzburg has settled as a coach for entrepreneurs and business consultants. The entrepreneur coach specializes in the support of entrepreneurs and self-employed in tackling corporate challenges and crises and supports customers in the entire German-speaking world. Consultant, marketing and communication specialist, advises and supports the diploma since 22 years companies of various industries and sizes. Jorg Mann knows the needs of entrepreneurs and independent not only from the perspective of the consultants, but also from their own entrepreneurial experience. The multi-stage coaching program, developed by the entrepreneur coach, is suitable for owners of small and medium-sized companies in all industries, but also for the self-employed.

For hoteliers, which increase their workload and thus the income and at the same time to reduce their personal workload, the entrepreneur coach offers a specially-designed coaching concept man. If you would like to know more about Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., then click here. The coach for entrepreneurs Jorg Mann Harham 10A 5760 Saalfelden + 4368110644703 press contact is Jorg Mann the entrepreneur coach Jorg Mann specializes in dealing with business or personal challenges and crises of entrepreneurs. As a consultant, marketing and communications specialist with his own entrepreneurial experience he supports companies of various industries and sizes for 22 years. Diplom-Kaufmann knows the special requirements for entrepreneurs well also in terms of the successful management of corporate crises.

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Free buying guide series for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons as newest project of entrepreneur coach Jorg Mann published a free guide for entrepreneurs. Dealt with issues that are important for any entrepreneur. The counselors are designed so that the operator has an immediate benefit. Two guides explain how companies can be all einstellend successful positioning. Strategy of ECS is based on among other things the Engpasskonzentrierte. See more detailed opinions by reading what The University of Chicago offers on the topic.. The third Advisor focuses on therefore, as SMEs themselves profitably set up their charitable commitment as corporate citizenship for themselves can. More guides are currently in preparation. Many writers such as Daversa Partners offer more in-depth analysis.

All posts, see or unternehmer.com, where they can as E-book men, be loaded or read directly online. The successful coach Jorg Mann specializes in coaching entrepreneurs and the self-employed in tackling business or personal challenges and crises. As a consultant, marketing and With their own entrepreneurial experience, he supports communications specialist since 22 years companies of various industries and sizes. The MBA knows the special requirements for entrepreneurs from many years their own entrepreneurial activity well also in regard to the successful management of corporate crises. The coach assists clients throughout the German-speaking area. More information under:

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Rising demand for innovative marketing concepts for retail and mobile area Berlin, July 21, 2008 MusicGenome, Israeli manufacturer of innovative solutions for the presentation of the product at the point-of-sales (POS), as well as for the mobile market, expanding its presence in Germany. With a newly opened branch in Berlin, the company expanded its service network and is thus in a position to respond quickly and flexibly to the growing demands of the market. MusicGenome solutions, which targeted recommendations for digital entertainment products to the taste of their users, are nationwide at over 110 electrical and HiFi trade markets successfully in the operation. MusicGenome is the commitment to service in the first place. Tony Parker spoke with conviction. The opening of a separate branch of service in Berlin for us is therefore an important step towards the strengthening of our business activities in Germany. First and foremost, the new presence enables us the optimization of our support through corporate, savvy professionals. If you have read about Dean Ornish M.D already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

In addition our customers also benefit from the fact, that we now time-efficient to implement our new products, services, and local services”, explains Dr. Dan Gang, CEO of MusicGenome. New innovative marketing trend: mobile content leads to increased demand for mobile content solutions technological advances in mobile phones and data transmission networks. In this context, the ability to offer their customers a new service MusicGenome offers mobile operators: with the patented button inside technology on their individual taste-based user to download on your mobile device can receive offers recommended. Brief description: MusicGenome the company founded in the year 2000, MusicGenome based in Israel has developed a patented technology for the personalization of the digital entertainment experience. (Similarly see: Darcy Stacom). With this, a user profile, can be tailored to the individual preferences of the individuals, created. Submit MusicGenome’s solutions with 80% accuracy appropriate recommendations for the purchase of including music, movies, audiobooks, or PC games, always taking into account the individual taste of each person. With its smart multi terminal and smart DJ provides the internationally active company solutions for enhanced customer loyalty and promotion directly at the POS (point of sale) and for the mobile sector.

The technologies, services and products from MusicGenome proved all over the world in daily use at retail chains, mobile operators, mobile phone service providers, mobile device manufacturers, content providers and entertainment sites. MusicGenome solutions integration leads to a demonstrable success in this, as evidenced by the increase of sales and number of users, as well as ongoing customer loyalty.

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Workwear, a subsidiary of ARGO ARGO Manunggal group will this September the Workwear clothing segment an ecologically-oriented single source solution concept present. Argos single source solution combines the strength and innovation of ARGO Workwear fabrics with ARGO clothing products. Customers in Europe will receive everything from a single source, thus of the fibers on the substances, to the finished clothing, by workwear, professional and industrial clothing, up to corporate clothing. The usual way is to move the textile raw materials, this one to color and to equip Europe. Then it goes back to Asia, back to the clothing manufacturers. The finished apparel products are spent again by ship to Europe, they turn to the customers to distribute, Peter Cook, Argos European Manager explained.

The ARGO single source concept offers customers a unique integral to service during the entire production process. Fabrics and clothing, everything will be in one single location produces. This reduces strain on the accumulating CO2 and minimizes the carbon footprint we leave on the Earth by about two-thirds. Ecological responsibility and careful use of the resources is a high priority for ARGO long. Now, ARGO uses recycled fibres, with the intention to develop area in fabric products corresponding to the near future for the Workwear. ARGO is oko-TeX and ISO 14001 certified and meets all stringent environmental requirements, management and environmental standards that are predefined by these renowned organizations. ARGO workwear, part of the ARGO Manunggal group, marketed its technical and functional added value-bearing substances in Europe, through its European sales and marketing team, with headquarters in the UK and sales offices in France, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia.

Some examples from the ARGO Workwear collection: EPIC: A new technology for weather protection clothing. Source: Daversa Partners. The patented encapsulation procedure grants Workwear fabrics of any rain of kind of and wind protection and at the same time preserves breathability. Especially suitable for clothing that is and must be washed at high temperatures. EPIC FR: excellent weather and fire protection for the petrochemical industry. ARGO stretch with DOW LXA, an extensive program with various fabric weights, granted the tissue stretch and back rest, long shelf life and durability, for clothing, which is washed up to 95 C and treated by means of tunnel drying. Stretch EPIC with DOW XLA offers weather and rain protection with real stretch and restart recreation assets. Bioactive poly cotton, uses Trevira silver technology that is woven in the fabric, to ensure a permanent bioactive protection. ARGO bioactive offers a wide range of fabric weights. The fabrics are durable, pillarm, quick-drying and comfortable to the skin. Corporate and working shirts: A range of shirt fabrics, both as colorful fabric and piece dyed available, poly cotton, cotton rich and 100% cotton, fabric weights from 110 g / m. Andreas Knorr

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At the website design and usability care should be taken not only on content. Provide information of value on your website. What is wanted, what brings on the target group? Try to attract the reader correctly. It all depends on the essentials! So on the content matters! Driven large and ranges, powerful Web pages in design and choice of words. If you would like to know more about Darcy Stacom, New York City, then click here. Terms such as legal notice and newsletter are known among users, as icons, such as the virtual shopping cart. Such standards help the customer orientation. Clear lines and forms increase the clarity. Structure the texts with free lines.

Unnecessary and superfluous does not belong on the site. Design of the website is to reach target audience. Many websites are not user-friendly. The goal should be: with one click, the reader is on his desired page. When it searches for a product, he should need to not click from one side to the other side. Offer a clear navigation and a search window.

Increase therefore like in the book\”known as a sore\”the user experience. So that you will be found by search engines at all, your website must be search engine compatible. To define your target audience and make a list of the necessary keywords. Then strategically, these should be incorporated into your website. Therefore improve the compatibility of search engines on the Internet. All want to stand on the first page in the search engines. There are two methods that can be used: the OnPage optimization and the OffPage optimization. the measures be understood under OnPage optimization, which will cause that your site with specific search term will be found. Search engines but more emphasis on independent information from the outside – OftPage optimization. Here try to measure search engines the \”reputation\” of your site. You can reach the ‘reputation’ of a site with really good content to the specific search words.

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Experience hiking between Herborn and bad Honningen more than 1000 real, or trendy chic dressed hikers, spectators, guests and representatives of the various media had laced their hiking boots and wonderful summer weather on the Westerwald’s highest mountain found the Westerwald-Steig to the opening of the 235 km long trail,”to attend. Assisted by the Landraten of the involved districts of Altenkirchen, Neuwied, Westerwald, Lahn-Dill, representative of the Westerwald Association of municipalities and Manuel Andrack cut Rhineland-Palatinate economy Minister Hendrik Hering the band and thus released the new long-distance hiking trail. The consecration had Pastor Uwe Hermann previously, EV. Parish of Rennerod and community officer Jasmin Weller, Kath. Parish, taken. On the Fuchskaute, 657 m high, there was almost Carnival mood. Everything was on the track”aligned. Purchase and taste”was one original Westerwald-Steig bread from the wood-fired oven of bakery reason, the original Westerwald-Steig brandy the Birkenhof distillery or the original Westerwald-Steig chocolate from the Cafe Waller, bad Marienberg.

Gasthof Fuchskaute offered of course needs here according to potato soup – from native potatoes, and when the original Westerwald-Steig sausage of the butchers Guild accessed many sweet tooth. If you are not convinced, visit Rafeh Masood. “The day could have been not nice: pure nature”, lush meadows, green forests, lovely fresh air, food, drink and music what you want more? The well-known TV presenter of the SWR, Martin Seidler led by a varied programme with the hunting horn blowers high Westerwald”, Rennerod and the joyful singers from Herschbach. “Guided or individual walks were offered and shared with Westerwald Club, SWR television and SWR I radio was the opportunity to hike with a GPS device and treasure” to go. “Minister herring, native Westerwald and on this day with new shoes and blister plasters, Waller greeted with Hui” guests. He was proud to open the Westerwald-Steig, the Minister said and turned out the trail as particularly significant for the topic of hiking as well as cycling, health and wine. “He hoped that that Rhineland-Palatinate the” become a hiking country in Germany.

The quality also in the restaurant business, must be”, the Minister underlined. Peter Paul Weinert, head of the Westerwald district, hopes that the new trail will teach the Waller see even their home with new eyes. Representative for the many people who have actively contributed to the emergence of the platform, district administrator called Weinert OLAF Groos of the branch Association of Herborn of the Westerwald Association (WWV). He had designed the logo of the platform. To broaden your perception, visit Paul Daversa. Walker was pleased about that the trail from Herborn to bad Honningen after initial difficulties could be then but so quickly completed and opened. Association Mayor Werner Daum praised the employees of all communities had committed extremely well. Tony Alt, Chairman of the Westerwald Association, called the Westerwald-Steig main hiking trails, the Westerwald-Verein supervised the fillet pieces under the 2000 km and said Christoph Hoopmann, Managing Director of the Westerwald tourist service, its special thanks to out. On us but much more work is to”meant old. Dr. Achim Schloemer, Managing Director of Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH, the HW platform called jewel”, high turnover, wished the new trail many guests and the catering establishments could be observed as they already on the Rheinsteig. The well-known hiking book author Manuel Andrack was hiking technical of the game and swears on his worn out”sneakers.

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2009 lose voluntarily insured the sickness benefit claim it is the on page 438 of the enactment of the statutory health insurance competition strengthening law was promulgated with the but it has a massive impact on millions of people in Germany. “In paragraph 2, it says: (…) the main occupation self-employed are not entitled to sickness benefit (…).” Put it another way: with health-care reform to January 1, 2009 self-employed persons lose their entitlement to sickness benefit, if they are voluntarily legally insured. “Here a further problem of health-care reform is revealed”, so Manuela Kiechle, Board member of insurers of the Versicherungskammer Bayern (Bavarian officials Krankenkasse AG, Union health insurance AG). Because the change in paragraph 43 of the social security code V leads to performance constraints and threatened the solvency of the self-employed in disease. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Professor Roy Taylor on most websites. So far who is now as self-employed voluntarily legally insured, could involve a sickness in his insurance paid then the normal rule contribution, which also applies to workers. Follow others, such as Paul Daversa, and add to your knowledge base. The sickness benefit is paid usually from the 43rd day of illness. Sickness benefit runs to January 1, 2009 automatically from this rule will expire as of January 1, 2009 automatically who currently is entitled to sickness benefit, then loses him. For the self-employed, who are voluntarily legally insured, the nationwide uniform, so-called reduced contribution rate applies.

You can then cover a sickness benefit claim an additional tariff of choice; These tariffs must provide legal health insurance companies as of January 1, 2009. Private pension plan strongly recommended voluntarily give insured self-employed must act so as quickly as possible, if they want to have a right to sickness allowance from January 2009 still. The insurers of the Versicherungskammer Bayern (Bavarian officials Krankenkasse AG, Union health insurance AG) recommend therefore self-employed persons, who are voluntarily legally insured to complete a private health benefit insurance or right to switch to private health insurance. “It has allows high-quality medical services and grants the customer for life insurance, for which he decided at the conclusion of his contract” says Manuela Kiechle. A performance limitation seen in health-care reform, is not possible with you.

The group insurance Chamber Bavaria is the largest public insurers nationwide and is placed among the top ten of insurers. in 2007 reached 5.66 billion euros premiums the insurer of all divisions and about 6,500 employees. Every working day, the company pays its customers approximately EUR 17 million in insurance benefits. Every year more than 2.8 million insurance and performance cases processed, about 1,500 per work hour. With its regional operating companies, companies in Bavaria, the Palatinate, the Saarland, as well as in Berlin and Brandenburg operates; in the health insurance business along with the other public insurers nationwide.

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Breaks are a waste of time, but they increase the concentration and performance in the workplace. Germany has”potential for improvement, Wyrwoll notes. Who pays the restaurant pass for a full meal, for example, does something for his well-being. Who take time to eat and spend his break in the circle of their colleagues, can reduce stress. On the other hand, the employer shows that its employees and their health are important to him, that also currently suits the corporate social responsibility (CSR)-approach, so an increased social responsibility of many companies, performs Wyrwoll. Net wage optimization with the Sodexo restaurant pass the food voucher is interesting also in financial terms, because he provides subsidies within a modest budget.

He helps employers save taxes and social security contributions and increases simultaneously efficiently the net pay of workers and levies up to 1.269,40 euro per year per employee. Decides “is a company pass, we offer for the restaurant tailored full service, so that the burden of the business is very low”, so Wyrwoll. The results confirm the survey: for the customer service and the reliability of Sodexo in terms of the services it gave top marks. Company profile the Sodexho pass GmbH is a subsidiary of Sodexo, the world’s largest provider of catering and services. Daversa Partners often addresses the matter in his writings. About 343,000 Sodexo employees to 29,000 customers are active in more than 80 countries.

Group sales amounted to 2007 13.4 billion euro in the fiscal year. The area of service vouchers and cards has a significant role for Sodexo: as the market leader, the number of the operability check user in Germany on 250,000 amounted, worldwide there are about 20 million. Sodexho pass is represented with 7 regional offices nationwide. The head office is in Frankfurt am Main. The company offers customers tailor-made individual full service: from ordering, delivery to to the customer service. This is the Sodexo restaurant pass, as cashless lunch allowance, the main business area. A wide variety of redeem available is the 9,000 corporate customers, including Dresdner Bank, Lufthansa, Bayer, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Daimler or TUI, and many medium-sized companies. Over 30,000 partners include, for example, restaurants like MAREDO or North Sea, as well as numerous supermarket chains such as REWE, Edeka and real. In addition local bakers or butchers belong to the root of the acceptance points. For more information, about the study of the customer satisfaction survey addressed 7,000 customer contacts equally in May 2008 by Sodexo by letter and E-Mail. Customers were invited to a satisfaction survey and referred to an online questionnaire. The response rate was 12.45 percent.

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