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Culturally in the JJB the tip competitors are consecrated the highest graduation, the black band, when not professors, are confused the figure of the athlete (executor) with the one of the formador (expert), that one that for the experience of the soft art is capable not alone to execute techniques and strategies, but mainly, in perceiving them deeply the point to organize and reorganizing what he knows, either how much to the game of the JJB, either how much to its practitioners. The point to acquire conditions to influence the ones that they initiate and to not only transform the ones that follows in the practical one of the JJB, becoming them athlete, but mainly, in people that for the JJB obtains to learn the intelligence ability, becoming them capable of to create solutions for rational and intuitiva sensitivity, in order to carry through positive things inside and outside of the tatames, not only in the personal sphere, but also in the collective one, generating continuous knowledge, consequentemente, this implies in the constant maintenance of knowing that the martial art withholds. It is interesting that this if manifest more for the envolvement level and devotion that the practitioner has with the art, in the measure of its conditions, becoming something lasting and constant that goes to follow it life all, of what for its performance in competitions, something temporary and precarious that goes to lock up in its athletical phase, equal happens with ours craques of the soccer that when reaching certain phase, do not have more relevance in a scene where the main paper is of the athlete and not of the trainer. The use of the changeable competitive performance is a criterion limited for the concession of graduation technique and qualification to transmit knowledge, even because he is valid only how much to the aspect of competitive result, that is, it defines only classification in esportivo event to help to organize its accomplishment (keys for marriage of fights, assembly of circuits, distribution of awardings etc.).

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