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Seems undeniable to me the similarity between the Madrid 2016 logo and the 5 a day. A palm of the hand stained in different colours is the image that both projects share for very different objectives. Madrid 2016 makes reference to a multicultural and welcoming city, while 5 a day takes several years recommending consumption of 5 pieces of fruit per day for a diet with this image it heals. When a brand goes on the market, should perform a previous job, plotting a strategy, knowing and delimit the objectives pursued with an emphasis on values and contents that you want to convey and, above all, be clear where we want to go. In the case of Madrid 2016 aims to be Olympic city. But from my point of view, the logo does not transmit any energy requiring our goal because that part of the essence loses strength insofar as it shares elements with other designs and is not 100% exclusive.

The creativity of the image is undoubtedly a fundamental step in the creation of a logo, the raw originality at this stage and while I blindly support the candidature of Madrid 2016, I believe that our logo has that weakness, weakness be something already seen, a kind of deja vu, feeling it has been seen on another site I guess that Madrid will have this theme very well tied and be assured that there is a subsequent lawsuit or action that can blur the image of the Olympic capital, prevention is better than cure and above all, as Sun Tzu said, we can lose or win the battle but that not caught us unawares. If they have professional advice of how to launch a brand, they should certainly change advisers. Rafael Muniz, CEO of rmg & asociados and member of the Top Ten Strategic Marketing Spain.

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The psychological impact of music and songs as a means of educating the best, handsome, loving man Creation of new songs and music series of articles Article 8 The author – Vladimir Shablya We all want to live well: in prosperity, peace, Interestingly, while enjoying the fullness of life and the unique versatility of all we want to live well: in prosperity, peace, wonder and enjoy the fullness of life and unique versatility. It is true that everyone puts into these concepts its largely specific, a vision. This is understandable: people are different. Distinct and their abilities, capabilities, desires, aspirations, intellectual, creative, emotional level. Physical, spiritual benefits and pleasure: create, or select from time immemorial have been two main approaches to the ways of satisfying human desires: 1. Create material and spiritual blessings and pleasure on their own, or collaborating with other people.

2. Filter created by other people. A classic example is the first collective farming, for example, hunting mammoths or growing crops. Relations between people in the implementation of this option main partner. An extreme version of the second approach, the same can be assumed for the sake of the war of appropriation of foreign material and spiritual wealth and pleasures. In this case, the relations between people of two warring parties is extremely hostile. To date, the prevailing idea is to combine these two approaches for taking away the 'soft' or latent form with a view to rational resource allocation. In an ideal partner to ensure relations and resource management of a certain community of people concentrated in the hands of an effective manager, able to provide a balance of interests: its own, each individual and the group led them to the people whole.

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Angustia, that laborious sensation painful that it obstructs to us sometimes, and with which if we do not know to fight IT TOTALLY OCCUPIES AND IT DIRECTS to our world the anguish belongs to the world of the affection, is a sensation that undergoes feels in major or measured minor, but that always this to feel produces to him malaise. The person becomes distressed or is distressed by different circumstances or facts that take to him to feel that amount of displacentera tension, and that on the other hand are within the daily thing or daily to live on the people, that is to say does not comprise of an Exceptional event , but at any time it is possible to be produced in answer as I said previously to an event that appears the person to him and it express this one it with that tension that produces malaise to him. This one Anguish when it is in low levels, the person in spite of its existence can continue with its life, but it does not feel inhibited or crippled to act. When Angustia appears in abnormal and excessive levels, in form massive is common here the panic, the panic attack. As a result of the panic attack, the person cannot act or realise her activity in normal or natural form, but this one massive and intense anguish affects different organs from the body, of the SNC and it is pronounced producing a picture in which they are it jeopardize different organs and autonomic functions, that obtain that the person feels much fear, and until the sensation of not having control of his life and its actions. Who feels anguish, she feels pain, more or less intense pain that corporally subjectively is felt, and that pronounces in the person after that tal o cual fact or situation has vivenciado, or interrelation, or in aim anyone has been the reason that as to displacer it went off like internal and subjective tension.

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Psychiatrists of Plato Are many the psychologists of planto, Plato, Freude, Jung, Engelns, and many others, therefore, if to speak very in them, I have that to ask for permission to cite them, or until more answering the Police inquest for usurpation of copyright and other processes. Leaving these details p? frog there, I go adentrando in the sphere of the tipo, of etipo, Jogasta, IDE, Ego, superego and other pregos, leaving here mine I prehoist raised, sharp, in you laughed, fixed, ado, ado, ado, each one in its square. The excrement my son, is to write the pure thought in the hour of its sprouting. Seconds later, are a jumento, if it lost the essence, already it is mind, reason, it was even so the heart, God, the latent thought! But since the human being does not have the potential, the knowledge, feedbeck, filling, insigbts, to materialize its thoughts, materializes then the reason! The excrement my brothers, excrement another time! It is that I am tiring to say, of speaking to point out, of being repetitive to be able to fill the number of pages that publishing companies want! Less than fifty pages never, they do not publish, nor look at, and thus to fill the necessary requirements, I who taste, think that I am a writer, a poet, go fulling of abobrinhas pages and pages, thoughts, discernimentos, knowledge that could be written spoken, explicitados in lesser number of pages, in few lines! They had discerned that I was writing, being repetitive, using synonymous, criticizing and at the same time using the same criticized methods to be able to fill, to reach, the goals preset by the publishing companies, that implicitly, make what the animal ignorant, arrogant man wants It puts a thick book under of the arm and leaves with it if to show As that saying: they see! I am reading this book! thick quo is! I am erudite, intellectual! u u!.

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Therefore, it is possible to perceive that psychosomatic it is: ' ' a science to interdisciplinar that it integrates diverse specialties of the medicine and psychology to study the effect of social and psychological factors on organic processes of the body and well-being of pessoas.' ' (WIKIPDIA, 2010, electronic document). The Man is a biopsicossocial being, of this form, is necessary to consider the illness and the sick person as a whole, indissociados, therefore the mind influences the body and vice versa. Jlio de Melo (1994) in says in its text &#039 to them; ' psychosomatic conception: vision atual' ' that: ' ' all illness human being is psychosomatic, since it happens in a being always provided with addition and psique, non-separable, anatomical and funcionalmente.' ' (p 19). Still on the psychosomatic Volich (2000) it adds that: Heiress of the chains that conceive the unit body-soul, the psychosomatic search to understand the existence human being, the health and the illness according to this integrated vision, intent for the manifestations of this unit in the citizen conceiving, by means of it, the therapeutical action. (p: 52) After this brief contextualizao some investigations start to appear, of that it forms the body suffers to ' ' caprichos' ' of the mind? It is possible to only see the patient with cancer as one adds adoecido? Which the relation between the cancer and the psychosomatic one? Let us start, then, to look the answers. PSYCHIC CANCER X = PSYCHOSOMATIC. To discourse on this topic we will mainly use in them of the ideas of the Simonton researchers (1978) that they had given to total emphasis to the psychological contents while afetadores of the chemistry of the organism and production of illnesses of psychosomatic character. It is known that the addition functions as ' ' one palco of emoes' ' , in accordance with the ideas of McDougall (1996), adoecendo as form to punish themselves or to protect themselves of psychic traumas, the author still affirms that: ' ' it is only unloaded in the action when the affective overload and mental pain exceed the capacity of absorption of the defenses habituais.' ' (p 17) We know that our body is endowed with a complex and intriguer imunolgico system, that fights with all the forces to protect our organism of everything what it he is strange and harmful.

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According to Dr. Ana Adan, moderate doses of caffeine consumption can bring benefits in situations of low mood. However, the benefits of caffeine on mood are modest, being limited to mild situations of affectation; Since his administration into more severe clinical circumstances such as major depression, is an insufficient therapeutic strategy for reversing the symptoms of patients. Vigor and fatigue caffeine, consumed both from prepared like coffee, tea or soft drinks Cola or pharmaceutical presentations has accepted the indication of States of drowsiness, asthenia, fatigue or exhaustion, both are these physical type as a psychic. In a study recently published by the prestigious scientific journal Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, moderate Caffeine consumption (300-400 mg per day) allows an increase in the force and causing a decrease in fatigue. This work, entitled effects of adenosine 2 antagonists, quercetin and caffeine on the alert and vigor, was developed in California in the base 57 patients, who provided moderate (200 mg) doses of caffeine to check its response in different cognitive aspects, such as intellectual performance, reaction and response to fatigue. The results determined that the administration of caffeine acts on two parameters of surveillance: increases the ability to process stimuli and decreases the time of reaction (response to an unexpected fact).

In parallel, the caffeine appeared increasing vigor and reducing fatigue. The study also reflected that the effects of caffeine in surveillance are detectable only 30 minutes After his administration and remains relatively constant during many hours later. Effect neuroprotective mechanism of action of caffeine is the blockade of adenosine receptors type A1 and A2A., which are widely distributed throughout the brain. The blockade of adenosine receptors produces increases moderated in the transmission of noradrenergic, dopaminergic, serotonergic and cholinergic neurotransmission systems. Action on dopaminergic activity is thought is at the base of the preventive neuroprotector effect of developing Parkinson’s disease, both in males and females provided that these are not subject to estrogenic treatment, adds Dr.

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