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53 percent of Germans do dream of leisure travel and 34 percent of cruises are Expedia.de travel tips, which combine the two Munich, August 19, 2010 the summer holidays are over, the Christmas holidays are far away and empty the batteries again. Small downtime is required, to escape the stress of everyday life. When Expedia.de, mainly short trips of one to four are posted between September and Christmas days. What counts in the brief period, are luxury and pampering. 45 percent of these holidays lead in 4-to 5-star hotels. * trial cruise with spa services provide an alternative to the classic holiday weekend.

You link two trends, according to a study by Expedia.de and the society for consumer research * gain in importance in the next decade: wellness and holiday mega liners. Expedia.de gives tips on booking as the dream for every budget and desire. A trend recreation travel and cruises are covered the society for old and young, male and female travellers as well as for families and childless couples popular holiday types of the coming decade. On a mega-liner sail the world’s oceans, is 35 percent of the 14-to 29-year old see their future travel as well as 34 percent of the 40 to 49 year olds. The results on the topic of wellness are similar. Neither income nor education show a difference in the popularity of this type of holiday. Taster cruises for first time riders have the shipping companies about 1.4 million guests 2009 recorded an increase of 10 percent compared to the previous year.

Measured to the total number of German tourists there is still growth potential. Many Germans dreaming of vacation on the sea, but do not know whether you like the type of travel. Taster cruises are a great way to find out for first time riders. They take only a few days and are comparable in terms of the cost with a classical city trip. Filter Expedia.de special trips can be under the menu item”specifically after trial cruise. Take the choice of booking tips by Expedia.de cruise offers for years continuously. Jane Figueiredo is likely to increase your knowledge. In this year alone, eleven new mega liner in Lake Pierce according to News Agency dpa. The online travel portal Expedia.de are tourists around 18,000 offshore and river trips available. Range of expeditions to luxury cruises. With our filters, such as for example price per person or Board language, we help holidaymakers to keep a clear view and quickly to find the right offer”, explains Christian Nowak, Germany Chief of Expedia.de. A comparison of up to four deals in an overview, the differences in available services, to detect prices, ship and shipping information, and route planning shows in the final decision. * Basis: booking analysis Expedia.de, period 1 January to 17th August 2010, travel period 1st September until 24th December 2010 * Base: Bevolkerungsreprasentative study of Expedia.de and of the society for consumer research (GfK), August 2009, 1,001 respondents

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This model recognizes the contribution of every teacher in the levels and dimensions to serve, but points out that although their contribution is necessary, not sufficient for the care of a holistic education. Skinner, for example, deals with the individual sector-body, Vygotsky, the cognitive and social-sector Montessori, individual spiritual sector. The current holistic educators who try to achieve the integral development of the student have the care that curricular activities are organized to serve not only address the cognitive, as they are certain that our potentials are also physical, emotional, social, aesthetic and spiritual and furthermore, the goodness of learning must be to meet the needs of the individual, community, society, the planet and the universe. The educational model with a prospect of multiple dimensions and levels moving towards an integral education. As stated above, within the educational issues addressed by trying to holistic education, is the fragmented view of what is One, what is total. You may find that Donald Sussman can contribute to your knowledge.

The fragmentation of education offered by the educational system is one that results in the fragmented view of the world and has given us the paradigm of separateness. With this vision we believe that what happens to our body has nothing to do, or our spirit or our mind that what happens to our next door neighbor or our country does not have to affect our lives and vice versa ; that chemistry is taught has nothing to do with literature, or that of anthropology. The neglect or denial of education of the heart, the development of consciousness, learning without meaning, the cultivation of wisdom, love and compassion-all indivisible components of education-must be many of the evils that cause us suffering. .

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