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Psychology if withholds in the study of the human behavior. It is who diagnosiss the personality of the individual, through the comment of the psychic phenomena and the behavior. Psychology serves as base of sustentation for the psychiatry that takes care of of the psychic facts, properly said, examined previously for the psychology that ahead diagnosiss the answers of the stimulatons that need treatment with even though surgical medicines and. The psychoanalysis analyzes the psiquismo in the scope of the unconscious one looking the obscure deepenings of the stranger. The objective of the psychoanalysis is to clarify the incompressible origin of illogical, inexplicable behaviors and many times, bringing to the light of the conscientious one. The psychoanalysis works unconscious the obscure one (id, ego and superego), looking for to bring the individual to the existential reality, of form to minimize interior intense sufferings. The psychoanalysis helps the individual if to socialize through what it is passed to it verbally and of its behavior, being opened the vision of patient to face and to coexist its proper difficulties, directing it to find the point massacrante. What it runs away to its field of performance directs for the psychiatry, that in turn tends to diagnosis the pathology and with medicines to establish a more healthful life. The difference consists accurately that PSYCHIATRY total is come back toward medicine, PSYCHOLOGY serves as adjuvant of previous and in turn the PSYCHOANALYSIS that it searchs through the study of the unconscious one, to minimize and until curing riots caused for problems very forgotten, played in a latent and abissal lixeira. They are psychic inheritances uterus-existential that tamponadas for the adult phase masked for the conscientious abstract necrosa, generating the neuroses.

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One of the most significant points when we see television, films and when we see magazines of fashions is even the flat abdomen whereupon always the ideal form imagines masculine as as much feminine. This can cause like result in some people with great abdomen lowers self-esteem, forcing to the people to reduce the size of the abdomen in incorrect form. To have a great abdomen walks almost always of the hand with too much weight. To weigh too much has its dangers. There is a great amount of deaths every year in different countries due to complications related to the obesity.

Some of those complications include difficulty in the breathing, discharge probability of diseases in the immunological system by the depression, low self-esteem, chronic fatigue because the heart must work to pump blood to one more a greater area more. The mortal consequences include obstruction of arteries that can cause faults cardiac sudden. There are different forms to obtain a flat abdomen. One of the ways is securing knowledge. Today, it has lessons in abundance to very low cost to lose weight and the form to reduce the size of the abdomen. A place with information is enough in line. The Internet literally contains thousands of Web sites that explain how it can lose weight. The education also is important because it must know what foods are ideal to achieve their objective and how to prepare them.

The other way as it can obtain a flat abdomen is making exercise. There are fast exercises that you can have in its daily routine, especially in the mornings. You can begin with 30 seconds of abdominal and 20 contractions. This is perfectly within any capacity to do it and it does not need equipment high cost of the gymnasiums to realise them. To obtain a flat abdomen is healthy and a good way to begin the battle against the obesity. If it wishes to continue with this information about losing weight naturally, it visits its page Web to lose fat in abdmen For more articles on losing weight in Spanish visits Diets To become thin. Original author and source of the article

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