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He had just emerged from the shower and Rosa, my wife, hid me towel. -Come Rosa, that we don’t have time. -I have to say a thing, he told me, staring me in the eyes. One has passed, I said to myself. -Mmm. – we are going to be parents. -Mmm.

– that are going to be parents!! I had thought many times at this point, but I was blocked a few seconds. We embrace between laughter and kisses. We will be parents! The second in knowing it was my mother-in-law, that noon was doing guard at the door of House. -Couple congratulations. -Pink, now must begin to take care of yourself as if Rosa does not, is the people that I know that pays attention to their health.

-Do you know if it is a boy or girl? -MOM, that now no worries us, the truth is that you I do not know it. -That you’re not worried, now you know it! You know the complications that I will have with the clothes of the baby, colors, crib, stroller, bassinet. -Thanks MOM for thinking of what is important. Sarcasm did not affect you, suddenly my mother-in-law, Adela, became an encyclopedia of a thousand and one accessories that we were going to need me around me sounded strange, as if it were not talking about us. And you – Adela me told me pointing the finger, should change the car by a bigger one, now can’t come the three in that car you have, the cuckoo, the seat looked pink in search of a reaction, loved our two-seater car, but I already knew that Adela had reason, in the two places could not go threefor many years, we had served as an excuse to come and go at whim, but that was over.

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It has recent evidence of that the chronic renais patients in daily pay dialysis, HD and DP can have a chronic inflammatory state, translating for raised levels of inflammatory markers in the sanguineous circulation, amongst them meets it ferritina3. Some authors believe that the high one concentration of srica ferritina can be considered a marker of morbidade and mortality in these patients 18. Although some users to have presented levels of raised triglicerdeos mainly, the half (55%) of the sample had more than presented values inside of the band of normality, being satisfactory for these two analyzed lipoproteins together. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dean Ornish M.D. The situations of dislipidemias are less prominent in the IRC even so the isolated hipertrigliceridemia occur in 30% 50% of casos3. You may find that Donald Sussman can contribute to your knowledge. In a carried through study, of the same nature, the authors had gotten about 40% patients with hipertrigliceridemia and 13.3% with total cholesterol raised of its sample total19. The primary finding in the IRC and dialysis is the hipertrigliceridemia, the CT is usually normal, perhaps for the state me – the nutrition in some pacientes6,19. Already in relation to the values of arterial pressure (Par), varied classifications had been gotten in such a way before as after the process of hemodilise (HD) that the users were submitted. Being that the half of the sample, after the hemodialtica therapy, presented the excellent classification in relation its Par.

The prolongation of the dialysis time can improve the control of the pressure. This if must for the fact that, a exchangeable sodium reduction, for the increase of the difusivo sodium transport, in combination with the removal of the vasoconstritoras substance increase, can be partially responsible for the changes observed in the arterial pressure during long periods of dilise20.

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The adolescent behavior presents one appeals in the culture contemporary. Therefore the problematic one of these young can be understood from the analysis of the historical moment where they are inserted (Giroux, 1996; Green and Bigun, 1995; Abramo, 1997 apud Soares 2007). To this phenomenon of after-modernity, characteristics as the individualism, the globalization, the media, the composed figure of the absent mother, families for assumed homosexuals, paternity and maternity for adoption and artificial insemination, shortening of the adolescence among others configure the scene where the young of century XXI is living (BIRTH, 2005). The adolescents, in consequence of the phase where if they find become white perfect of this cult the body emphasized for the media. I fight it to the infantile body and the acceptance of this new body that if form is something complicated for the adolescents, the integration of all the corporal modifications arrives if to become something strange. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The corporal alterations determine a revision of the auto one? image and the construction of a corporal image (BIRTH, 2005). Get all the facts and insights with Donald Sussman, another great source of information. As Shilder (1994) apud Saikali (2004) the corporal image is the mental representation that we have of our body. In this period of changes the adolescent attributes much importance to the look of the other and to be disturbs different it very, the friends functions as mirror.

Therefore the ideal of the physical appearance becomes these young slaves of diets, natural academies, sports, products, plastic surgeries, them is vulnerable to this idolatria of the body. (BIRTH, 2005). With all this emphasis to the body appears a phenomenon. ' ' with the urgent revalorizao of the pleasure, if structure a true CULT to the body, in all analogous one to any religion, dogmtica and idlatra as they sound to be the religions, in a word, we attend the sprouting of a new magical universe today: THE CORPOLATRIA.' ' .

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FLEXIBILITY Flexibility is a physical valence characterized by the movement to articulate, or amplitude of movement around each joint. In diverse sports and many daily activities, a good flexibility is necessary for the accomplishment with lesser risk of injury and greater motor efficiency. An excellent level of flexibility exists, where a low level of flexibility or very high level of flexibility is not recommended. In the first case, the low level of flexibility compromises the motor actions and increases the risk of injury due to little amplitude of movement and in as in case that, the very high level of flexibility, increases the instability of the joint, also increasing the probability of injuries. The way to improve flexibility is through the allonge, being able to be made through the static allonge, that is, without movement, it can be through the ballistic allonge, with insistences in the biggest reached angle and can be through method FNP, where after to reach the maximum angle, contractions with opposing force are carried through, increasing flexibility. The adaptations to the flexibility training go since neural and muscular aspects. As neural participation, the action of the allonge exists on the function of proprioceptores to articulate, that they facilitate the reach of bigger angles to articulate. In the muscular context, the deformations of the plastic components and elastic gifts in the muscle and the fabric conjunctive, increase the muscular elasticity. The ideal is to carry through allonges for all the corporal segments, or also they can be carried through with emphasis in regions that suffer to greaters tensions during the day.

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