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a Medicinal Mushrooms Reishi, ganoderma lucidum food and medicine for thousands of years, only one type of fungus is between 10 000 varieties. It plays a role in Chinese medicine since 7000 years and the first medical book that talks about its therapeutic benefits dates back to 2000 years ago citing their effects (force, strength and longevivad) In the last decade there has been much published scientific research on the therapeutic effects of this mushroom. The most popular and fungi have been studied, reishi, shiitake and maitake. The reishi is known as a “plant spirit” (believed to protect against evil as a talisman), to “consider inmortalidada” a “10 000 year mushroom” and “mushroom fantasmaa” because of its difficulty to find in Japan ” . Formerly reishj 99% of plum trees growing in old but only a few mushrooms are per 100 thousand trees. Now the length of culture time is 2 years. a You can see different Reishi products in our web a Active ingredients of reishi polysaccharides: effect of anti-tumor, immuno-stimulant polystyrene: precursors of hormones Trieterpenos: adaptogens, anti-hypertensive, anti-allergic, promotes liver function-related studies the reishi Hepatitis B: 350 cases. 92.4% very favorable results Lungs and heart: 2,000 patients with chronic bronchitis.

Within two weeks 60-90% of patients noticed considerable improvement and increased appetite. Those affected by bronchial asthma and the elderly responded particularly well. Professor Roy Taylor: the source for more info. Practical use of reishi a diuretic, laxative, sedative, tonic, dizziness, ulcers, expectorant, cough, UVA protection, general weakness, nervousness, insomnia and anxiety. (A valuable related resource: Donald Sussman). a Shiitake, Lentinus edodes a In Japan, shiitake is used to enhance immune function during chemotherapy. It is considered very useful in the treatment of the elderly and people with a lot of stress, to increase defenses and their hormonal functions. It is especially useful in chronic fatigue syndrome. Shiitake is used made for any illness associated with immune dysfunction including cancer, AIDS, environmental allergies, candidiasis (contrary to what fungi are said to aggravate these conditions in western medicine unless you have a hypersensitivity to fungi ), frequent colds and flus. Seems beneficial to relieve bronchial inflammation, regulates the incontinence of urine and reduce high cholesterol.

2-6g/dia at recommended doses in divided doses as a therapy and then lower the dose to 1/2g a-1g / d a idea can view different products on our website a Shiitake Maitake, Grifola frondosa a “mushroom bailee” in Japanese. Some say it is so called because when they were the mushroom, people danced for joy because it was worth its weight in silver. Practical Uses maitake a In such cases recommended 3-7g per day Immune cancer, during the chemotherapy, AIDS, etc. Hyperglycemia Hypertension. a You can see different idea Maitake products on our website now in the United States are conducting a study in a clinic with patients from breast and colon cancer in China with 63 patients with lung cancer, stomach, liver and leukemia showed an effect anti-cancer. The doses used son4 capsules x 3 times daily before meals for 1-3 months. These are preliminary studies and no controlled studies.

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The human being can live by some time without foods, although the fact to do it (by greater force) makes an impression on the health and the organism sees itself lamentably cracked; but after it, the decease is imminent. Clear that before this last moment of existence the physical suffering will be terrible and often unbearable. Making a slight parallel with described the lines above, the feeling that unites to the pair that are loved cannot less than to look for than both approach, that maintain a relation of close identity, in which both no longer are two but only one, and this is obtained when true delivery exists, a donation entirely of the being towards the loved one or the loved one. But it is difficult to understand it for those who really do not live it. Go to Dean Ornish M.D for more information. To try to give to explanation of the loving relation between a man and a woman, when the relation is true, is sencilllamente to all along give to samples through attitudes and positions that not only the other part interests and concerns much, but beyond the found affinity of a permanent sample of many factors that make the true loving relation possible: care, attention, consideration, respect, sensitivity, understanding, taste on the other, identification in which is and realises the pair, helps and unconditional support, fidelity, and other many more than occur of free and spontaneous way, clearly and whenever it is really loved. Therefore, to love is not a mere interrelation of glances, gestures, kisses or hugs. It goes beyond all this, although this last one is important like necessary.

The proximity of the being loved in our life produces much positive energy that is able to perceive it, like a fresh breeze in a day of sun. One becomes necessary to have the being who one loves to really live. Who it loves it does not stop feeling that candy and smooth necessity. In an interchange of glances, of affections, the essence of loving can be discovered. One says that the true love is difficult to find and still to maintain.

If it is thus, then, when it finds it one it has and it, it cannot stop it taking care of it deserves as it. But still more, the loved being is part of the other, becoming a single indissoluble, inseparable being. Then it is possible to ask itself if it is possible to be loved the distance, when it is not seen, it feels, it listens to, nor it is the warm of the loved being. It is as to want to maintain a candle caught to the edge of a cliff. For two people who love themselves deeply real and, the distance is more than an obstacle, is a dangerous decree for the term of the relation. Not in vain one says that the distance between two beings who love themselves, extinguishes the fire of the existing love. Original author and source of the article

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