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The only criterion for selection in the college is successful completion of VLEK (medical certificate of fitness), net Such commissions in Kazakhstan still exists on the basis of structural units in Astana, Almaty, Aktobe and Shymkent. Permission from a rather formal Gosavianadzor event for people with higher technical training. Because the school is a private company, so far all the services it provides at its own expense coming, until the state grants to school there, although some airlines give credit for such training, but then it will need to "work out" for three years. Work after graduating from college, too, there is no guarantee, but useful tips on how and where you can successfully get a job upon its completion and how to effectively continue follow-up study. The production base is ample School, classrooms are equipped, the pace of training intense, but not tiring. Dorm rooms are comfortable, for two persons, by modern standards quite cheap. The production process consists of theoretical classes, excursions to peremezhivayuschihsya operating aircraft.

Graduation Program: 12 hours on the simulator and the An-2 flight program 16 hours of practical flight on an airplane AN-2. Upon successful completion of Certificate is issued and the license is CPL (Commercial Pilot License). Of course, with a touch of 16 hours is difficult to get into any "decent" airline operates a modern aircraft, but aerial chemical works such pilots as long as claimed, was originally assumed that the school will prepare "chemists" as material and technical basis and methodology used in the school do not yet allow Pilots prepare an international level. Currently, in my view, the process of "redistribution of property" school. School, as well as a similar form of ownership in the company "Berkut-ZK", organized ex- head of the airline, respectively, with "blurred" face between private enterprises and the actual base airline, having been a joint-stock form of government that allows, at first glance, legitimate way to use existing production base and personnel airline as a whole, the commercial subsidiary, but a purely private enterprise.

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People who suffer from excessive underarm sweating often found in embarrassing situations, because of the disadvantages arising from this problem. Clothes soaked in the armpits would be unimportant, the worst problem is the unpleasant smell, feels from afar and is impregnated in clothing which is difficult to remove. Fortunately there are many things that can be done to fix excessive sweating armpits, from applying an antiperspirant substance or choose clothing, to surgery to stop sweating. Here are some example of what you can do:-first: wash armpits with water and liquid soap, preferably one containing antibacterial agents. In this way, we ensure eliminate bacteria that proliferate with moisture from sweat.

-Second, if you can, epilating. The underarm hair removal helps to reduce sweating. -Then, applies an antiperspirant. Most of them contain hydrochloride of aluminum, a substance that clogs the pore of the sweat gland and prevents you from excreting the sweat. There are antiperspirant spray, cream and bar, among other presentations.

Some can cause allergies in the armpits, where this happens to you, change your brand or presentation. -It is good idea to take the antiperspirant always with you, to be able to apply it again, several times a day if necessary. -In cases where the sweating does not diminish with these methods, you can resort to the application of Botox in the area. The effect lasts between six and twelve months. The biggest drawback is the high price of the toxin. -For more severe cases, Transthoracic sympathectomy can be a good option. It is a simple surgical procedure that gives good results in most cases. There are natural remedies for excessive sweat. So, you can combat your excessive sweating using very simple remedies that you can prepare at home. If you want to eliminate your Hyperhidrosis then I suggest that you click here to read my best recommendations for excessive sweat. Original author and source of the article.

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– To cut esparadrapo for setting and to mark the sounding lead. – To measure the sounding lead of the wing of the nose to the lobe of the ear. – To more measure of the lobe of the ear until the appendix xifide 2cm; to mark with esparadrapo. – To lubricate the sounding lead with topical local anaesthetic with gauze aid. – To introduce the sounding lead without forcing slowly. – Flectir the head of the patient front when the sounding lead to exceed the obstacle of the nasofarngea wall.

– To ask for to the patient to deglutir and to breathe deeply, while the sounding lead is introduced delicately until the mark of esparadrapo. – To verify if the sounding lead is in the stomach through the following procedures: to place the estetoscpio below of the appendix xifide, to introduce 10ml of air for the sounding lead with aid of the syringe. – To fix the sounding lead with esparadrapo, without compressing the marina, in way that is insurance. – To in sequence leave the comfortable patient and the unit. – To keep the material. – To wash the hands. – To write down in the lapsing of the patient; schedule; number of the sounding lead and the reactions. Gavagem Gavagem is the food introduction through a nasogstrica sounding lead. Connect with other leaders such as Preventive Medicine Research Institute here.

The objectivo of the gavagem is to feed patient unconscious or disabled of feeding itself for it saw verbal. Used material for the gavagem – Syringe of 20ml – Package of gauze – Cup with water – Receiving for garbage – Estetoscpio – Receiving with foods – Ball of cotton with alcohol. Techniques of nursing in the gavagem – To wash the hands – To prepare the material – To guide the patient on the procedure – To raise the headboard of the bed, if will not have contraindication – To verify if the sounding lead is in in agreement stomach the technique of nasogstrica sounding.

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Pregnancy is one of the main causes behind the pain in the low back in women, which is similar to sciatica. Sciatica is caused above all by the compression of the sciatic nerve due to one or more reasons. Typically, sciatica is the compression of the roots of the sciatic nerve in the lower spine. A condition known as pseudo sciatica causes debilitating pain similar to when the outlying sections of the sciatic nerve are compressed. Newcastle University pursues this goal as well. Of itself, the pregnancy has nothing to do with the sciatica. Pregnancy leads to true sciatica only in rare cases.

These are the changes that occur in the body of the women in the last months of pregnancy can lead to sciatica pain. Any of these changes can cause the kind of sciatica pain: * the uterus presses the sciatic nerve. Abdominal muscles and lower become tense and apply pressure on the nerve. * Spinal compression due to the additional weight of the fetus. Postural changes that accompany pregnancy. Rarely, during pregnancy a spinal disc can be damaged, which can also lead to sciatica pain. The pain of sciatica occurs especially in the back, buttocks, legs and feet. Typical sciatic pain can be: * nails and needles * a sudden pain * pain that extends from the buttocks to the feet.

* Numbness in leg or foot. Due to pregnancy or otherwise, pseudo sciatica is associated above all with postural defects: * cross-legged for extended periods. * He sit in a Chair that does not support the back properly * he sit in a portfolio may be cases of pregnancy caused tension in the muscle of the piriformis, which in turn, can pinch the sciatic nerve. If sciatica is actually diagnosed during pregnancy, treatment of sciatic nerve should be only under supervision of a qualified specialist to treat pregnancy-related sciatic pain. Painkillers have side effects and should not be taken without consultation with your gynecologist. Any neglect in this respect may cause irreparable damage to the baby that you are carrying. sciatica alternative remedies play an important role in treating sciatica typical and pseudo-sciatica. Pregnancy is a delicate matter and the primary concern must be the safety of the child who is developing inside her body. alternative remedies that are generally safe, they should be taken under medical supervision. Herbs are generally safe, but the indiscriminate use of even the safest herb can be harmful. The exercises, yoga, ; natural remedies or any other therapy should be carried out also under constant guidance of a therapist. The swimming and gentle stretching exercises, are two measures safest of getting relief from back pain during pregnancy. In addition, avoid being always tired, learn to relax, always sit up straight, or attempt to apply a spot hot or cold to the affected area.

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