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Theoretically, in the south of Brazil, the disordered one occupation of the space of the school for knowing of the area of the health was abandoned. This abandonment happened to the measure that the proposals and the works in development at the time were if dissociando of the only politics of health (6). Up to 1996 the Pertaining to school Health? RS was characterized as a net of attendance to educating independent and parallel to net SUS (6). It is only in 1996, with much spirit, despite without much coordination and consequence, that the activities of education in health had come back to receive some attention for parts from the controllers of the Ministry. The attitude was reaffirmed with the project Health in the School, integrated to the TV School of the MEC and in execution since 20 of August of 1997, composing weekly the grating of programming of 50.000 schools of basic education (4). In May of 1997, it had the transference of the services of Pertaining to school Health? RS of the State Secretariat of Education for the State Secretariat of Health, with the agreement of that an entailing time was basic this agency before the municipalizao (6). An important step given for the administration of the Health department of this time, was the definition, in 1998, of a Direction of Programs for the area. Of course it extends the abrangncia of the proposal, making it to evolve of a Project Health in the School for a Program of Education in Health (4). In the organic Law of the Only System of Sade (SUS), the education in health well is emphasized, when it regulates the actions and the services of health in all the domestic territory. It makes use that ' ' the health is right basic of the human being, having the State to provide the indispensable conditions to its full exerccio' ' (8).

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And if no chopping boards, Colander, dosing of detergents, baskets and tableware dryers which are rarely owner costs, the issues with the remote control or the ecosystem for separate sorting acquire each moykoy.Kolandery not convenient for washing vegetables and fruits, as well as for waste handling vegetables are made of stainless steel or special plastic. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Henry Golding. Colander can be set to a cutting board or in a bowl. Cutting boards, designed for different models of washing machines, are made of Unique wood (eg teak) and a special plastic (polyethylene), which do not absorb water and therefore the board does not warp, and tempered glass. Variants boards – are able to move along the washing or recorded in the cup attached to the left or right wing of the washing can be supplied with a grid for dishes have grooves to drain or cut for installation and Colander t.d.Dozatory detergents that made of stainless steel, plastic, glass, can be mounted on a table or sink mounted to the wall over the sink. In the case of the table to verify that the cleaning provided space for the dispenser. Mesh issues with the manual in the form of plug-mesh that inhibit debris from entering the trap (open) or employees of a stopper (when closed) are available as standard in virtually every washing Villeroy & Boch.

Issue with a remote control is appropriate, if a user needs on a regular basis to draw water for other purposes or to soak the dishes in the sink bowl. Drying dishes and baskets (mesh stainless steel products, steel chrome-nickel or coated) are used for washing fruits and vegetables, rinsing and drying dishes. Installation methods – at a table or sink to the bottom of the cup, fixed on the edges moyki.Ekosistemy serving for environmentally Clean the separate collection of small debris and waste while working in the kitchen, consist of a container, pull carts for containers, devices for dumping waste in the containers directly from the table. Properly selected kitchen accessories manufactured by Villeroy & Boch, according to experts, reduce time in the kitchen to 2-fold. Buy kitchen accessories and kitchen hoods convenient online store kitchen faucets, sinks and equipment Atlant-S via the website online store of kitchen accessories -. Stock program in St. Petersburg, the delivery – in Russia. It features products from European manufacturers Villeroy & Boch, Telma, Luisina, Longran, Foster from Germany, Italy and France.

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The IC are a linguistic expression that it more describes of form simplified the direction of each one of the analyzed speeches possible, are a description of the direction of a deposition and an interpretation (LEFRVE, LEFRVE, 2005) .DiscussoA does not analyze of the data was become fullfilled through the transcription of the data, gotten through the transcriptions of the speeches in integrates, applying the technique of the DSC and using the saturation of answers, this in turn is the repetition of express similar contents for some citizens by means of interviews not structuralized by means of device MP4, where you speak of the deponents had been recorded. In the analysis of the information gotten in the interviews one identified to four ideas central offices (IC): patient; assistance; feeling and work, that seriously describe the perception of the nurses of UTIN in relation to the patient patient, follows analyzes below it of the DSC.IC: PacienteDSC: ' ' Burrow very with emotional of people n and if treating to just been born is a thing that touches more people. Each patient is an individual patient, it is small, is a more difficult patient to manipulate. Jessica Pels is likely to increase your knowledge. One to be that this needing very the care of somebody, that depends on others to survive being been defenseless front its recovery and to the cares that need, a being that suffers, feels pains, does not obtain to speak, if communicates with the look, asking for that people help in that one momento' '. The story above sample that the patient is attended by the nurse as a defenseless being, that needs much attention, therefore does not obtain to communicate itself, being dependent of the others. The RN is part of the population that this subjects the risks, then needs much attention, must be attended as an individual being only for the cuidador professional, with actions directed for the shelter of the baby.

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Writer James Allen said many years ago, the circumstances do not make the man, reveal it. Can you tell me: you say this because you don’t know how poor I am, how miserable has been my existence, I have spent many things in this world. Not you you worry at what stage of life you’re now. Your present says nothing of where you’ll be tomorrow. Unless you accept what happens to you, you can be the architect of your life. It grows and reaches as far as you want. Dr.

Deepak Choprah said in one of his books: If you have money and your attention is always on the amount of money you have or how much you’ll need, you’re a poor person. I can guarantee that if you you become a prosperous person, you’ll be happy, successful, healthy and you’ll have money: are you going to bring order and harmony to any area where you need it. The adversity forging the soul, regardless how hard that has been the way. All we have fallen more than once and I understand that the only way to know the difference between a winner and a loser is having lost more than once.Not used to measure yourself by the time you fall but by which you get up after every fall. When we are in the midst of a storm we don’t realize that after the rain the sun always rises. It is never more dark night than before dawn. When you read these words looking to improve your life do the same that I did for a long time when I heard a motivating staff who told me that it was possible to change my life toward a tomorrow better. Understand that Conference made a difference when I didn’t have a dime, the possibility of a new beginning and the ability to make my dreams come true was what made me lift when going downhill.

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He then made a visit to Saudi Arabia as the president of the republic, and many Arab and OIC countries have recognized the presidential elections in Chechnya lawful and legitimate. And the U.S. and Europe did not recognize. Ramzan-Haji, in this regard, continues the work of his father, consistently building up contacts with the huge Islamic world and showing that Russia is not fighting with Islam. For other opinions and approaches, find out what jessica Pels has to say. He was in Saudi Arabia, came to him the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, had other meetings. In general, this achievement is obvious. They benefit both Russia and Chechnya and the Muslim community of the country.

What can you do to this occasion to say? EH: – I agree with you. There are obvious achievements of our President. By the way, Ramzan Haji-visited within the sacred Kaaba. This honor rarely awarded from foreigners. The new king of Saudi Arabia Abdullah II, also known as the keeper of the two Muslim shrines gave him a symbolic honor – to clean the Kaaba, and it has the deep meaning that Ramzan Kadyrov is endowed with the highest function of a plenipotentiary – clean up your yard! That is, Chechnya, and then the entire North Caucasus. This is its great historical mission.

We Johar were also inside the Kaaba and prayed to her on all four sides, but he did not clean it, which is also symbolic. In Chechnya was a result of ‘dirty and rubbish’, because no one had cleaned! But at the time was none other, namely, Ahmad-Haji Kadyrov, sounded the alarm about this. Unfortunately, he did not heed, and have other people seeking come to power by EXCLUSIVE use of Islam, have engaged in mopping up the first Chechen yard, and then continued it and its neighbors. Then, as we recall, was the turn of ‘cleansing of all things “by federal forces. In fact, any wise ruler must engage in ‘sweeps’, or in his farm instantly appears ‘mold’, which manifests itself in the end the most harmful way to the nation’s health. As if it did not sound cynical, but ‘if not clean you are, then you mop ‘. In those days I was the Advisor to the late King Fahd on relations with CIS countries and witnessed how the King for an audience in Jeddah asked to perform some of Dudayev’s Requests for cooperation with Russia on, including the interests of Chechnya, but unfortunately they have not been met. It is a pity that history does not know the subjunctive mood, and that God does not give us second chance to live in those nasty false new stages of our lives. Today, many would have been different and, more importantly, would have been alive hundreds of thousands of my countrymen. In addition to the Chechen refugees were, as we know, and Russian-speaking refugees from the horrors of war and the consequences of lawlessness in Chechnya. I know that most of them wanted to return to their homes, where they were born and not only grown, but where their ancestors are buried and where they spent the best years of his life. That’s what they say. Ramzan Kadyrov, pays this much attention, and if many of them go back to Chechnya, the Chechen President will have solid Russian-speaking diaspora, to which he can always rely firmly.

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They are carrying of attitudes of cooperation, values, traditions, vises of the reality, that are its proper identidade' '. 3,1 CAPITALS HUMAN, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL human Capital is the recognition of the importance of the people for development. The word key to produce human capital is education. To invest in education is to generate qualifications, abilities, to democratize the knowledge, creating conditions that greater makes possible productivity, economic growth, improves in the quality of life of the population, greater to be able of purchase and better performance of the organizations. Marshall (apud SHULTZ, 1973) affirms that ' ' the knowledge is the production engine most powerful, defending that the investments in the people must be extended in organizaes' '. Associates to the education exist other factors that collaborate for the formation of human capital, as health, organizacional climate, social benefits and access to the credit. Kliksberg bernardo (2003) if based on studies of the World Bank on 192 countries to affirm that 64% of the growth can be attributed to the human capital and to the capital stock. The people possess abilities, behaviors, personal energy and time that it are proper and they decide where they will apply these elements that form the human capital (DAVENPORT, 2001).

The education, either formal or informal, is the base for the creation of the human capital, is the fertilizer that makes to grow this capital. In accordance with Zapata (2006), the human development involves the dimensions economic, social, politician-institucional, cultural, technological, ambient and spiritual (ZAPATA, 2006), is a process that assures the magnifying of chances, creative potentialities and right of individual choices, providing the reduction of the existing inaqualities. For Zapata (2006) the sustainable community will be that one in which the life ways, the physical economy, structures and the technologies are not opposed to the intrinsic capacity of the nature to support the life.

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