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New ' ' look' ' for the mathematics mathematics in the sample to be one disciplines that it has its proper way of being and if presenting, where appears in its form of language, in its statements of its proposals, in the forms in which if it reasons. It takes that one that is worried in the form in which it teaches and it knows the mathematics in its way of being to have more a little of attention and care. In relation to this care with education and knowledge we can detach a basic importance, where a person thinks mathematically, that is, despite this person does not have the contact with the mathematics scientifically speaking or known formal in an educational school, it she obtains to reason, to count, to imagine, to symbolize, to measure, as we can cite some examples, a mason that are illiterate know to make one measured of how many blocks they are necessary for that determined area or how many gallons of ink it is necessary to paint, exactly for having this contact in day-by-day. Hear from experts in the field like Larry Fine for a more varied view. When writing this article stows worried in searching the necessities to teach mathematics, as to teach and as it knows? there, and I perceived that the mathematics always was taught without taking in consideration who would go to learn, that is, the pupil. Many professors of any area, that does not have the commitment with the education is not worried in who this learning, is not interested in transforms this disciplines in something pleasant of if to study, they only want to know of the money that goes to receive, and on account of this the pupil loses its knowledge and leaves wronged for the irresponsible professor. But many professors exist whom this responsibility has and commitment and this always searching something new that it comes to facilitate the life of the pupil who comes to help it and thus he obtains transforms that definitive one disciplines in something good for the pupil.

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If on the other hand, we vendssemos this same option, we would receive the prize, but we would assume obligation to buy, not right it, the action object in the expiration of the option for the value of 2,5 R$ 46,00. Dynamics of Market 2.5.1 Price of the options For Hissa (2008), the price of an option, prize, is formed by a value that we call intrinsic or by a value called extrinsic or a combination of the two. For Iran, (2008), it has six factors that they affect the price of an action option: the current price of the action, the price of exercise, the time for the expiration, the volatileness of the price of the action, the tax of free interest of risk and the shares waited during the life of the option. According to Hissa, the intrinsic value is the part of the prize of the option that is integrant part of the value of the action object. It is the part in-the-money, ITM, of the option.

It considers that we have an option VALEB42 quoted in the market R$ 3,10 and being action VALE5, from where derived the option, quoted in the market R$ 43,00, we would have in the formation of the price of this option R$ 1,00 of intrinsic value and R$ 2,10 of extrinsic value, whereas the extrinsic value is formed by the value of the option that if finds out-of-the-money, OTM, of the action. It is the expectation that has the purchaser, bearer, of whom, throughout the time the action-object if consequently values and the acquired option. It is a hope. The concepts above are for purchase option, for sales option the logical one are inverted. The sales option will be OTM when the price of the active object will be above of the exercise price and will be ITM when the quotation of the active object will be below of the exercise price.

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Nowadays, many people concentrate in the external aspects of the religion, their rites, forms and rules, without in many cases is really a deeper sense in all this, or the attainment of a spiritual objective. In different religions there are thousands of people who consider themselves very religious for that reason. They are like celotas of times of Jesus, trims in his small world of forms bottomless, condemning in his minds (and their social life) to which does not square in his religious scheme. They separate the religions to us? It turns out useful to have a belief that the one says that only this one religion is the true one, takes that us to the salvation or a paradise while the rest of poor souls that follow a tradition different loses for always? The individuality is advisable while we grow, but not when we become majors. Like humanity, we are growing, and our unique option of survival is in a mature and adult society.

Our next evolutionary step. As humanity we are now in a while evolutionary very important individual and. The life we know as it is not sustainable. The landlords that served before not them to us we can use more. We must reconsider all the aspects of the life under a different prism. No longer one is about individual survival nor competition.

One is to believe and to prosper like society to be able to reach all our potential like individuals. We must live in synergy and not in competition. It is hour to return the glance to the model more perfect than we have close: the human body and its cells. If we anywhere have a tumor of the body, it affects all the body, and in this way the health of the individual, because all form a unit. The cells of the body can work optimally only in an organization in excellent health state, and vice versa.

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