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In chapter 5 of the book of 1Reis, Salomo makes an alliance with king Hiro de Tiro1 (littoral city of the Lebanon, to the north of Israel), therefore nobody wise person to cut wood as the sidnios (next Sidom to the Shot and also in the Lebanon) and the servants of Hiro would take cedar wood and of cypress for Salomo and still the edificadores of Salomo (Israeli), Hiro (Sidom and Tiro) and the Giblitas (next Gebal2 to Tiro and Sidom) would cultivate rocks for the Temple. The question is: What this matters? It matters in what it says respect to the peoples who had helped to build the Temple, the sidnios, of Shot and the giblitas all of the Lebanon, north of Israel. After the unified reign of Salomo, had a rupture on the part of its Roboo son and the Israeli Empire with capital in Jerusalem was divided in Israel to the north with capital in Samaria Jud to the south with capital in Jerusalem; however all the monumental Empire of Salomo (970 the 930 C) is attributed to the Onri king of Israel to the north (885 the 874 C) by means of ‘ ‘ interessantssima revista’ ‘. Here it is what they affirm: ‘ ‘ In the truth, the great moment of Hebrew history would have happened not in the salomnico period, but about a century later. Between 884 and 873 C, was established Samaria, the capital of the kingdom of Israel, in the north of Palestine under the leadership of Israeli king Omri.’ ‘ still continues: ‘ ‘ Archaeology demonstrated that the monuments normally attributed the Salomo had been, in the truth, raised for omridas.’ ‘ Now it enters the sidnios, of Shot and the giblitas in the question, very probably these men if admired of the great workmanship (the Temple of Salomo) that she was being made, what in the ones of the one bigger probability in saying that what existed of monumental in the Israeli reign of Onri (the construction of the city of Samaria) was taken by the ones of Shot, sidnios or giblitas influenced for the monumental workmanship that they had helped to make, not for being great, because the Temple was not gigantesco3, but for being rich.

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One more of the senses of the man he is indeed the one of the beauty. Their perception and search comprise of the human condition. In order to be developed it needs the access to the knowledge, which was denied historically our towns to him. This lack does not mean to kill the aesthetic sense. This it survives through oral story and of the many resources of I devise popular and looks for ways to pronounce itself.

Everything what naturally loses in the forms, is replaced by the forcefulness of its content. This phenomenon sees content in the folklore that nests in the foundation of the towns. The artist, has a commitment with the society, its conflicts and aspirations. Others including John Studzinski, offer their opinions as well. Its work must take roots in the authenticity than his time it transmits to him and what it feels. The culture to which it responds must be reflected in which it writes or what it produces.

The condition of creator without becoming position cannot be assumed of it. To be artist, intellectual is not a social condition, is commitment. Most sacred of the art it is to be faithful to those values that underlie in the most intimate of each creator art is true if it is not sold to fashions, if he is testimonial without being panfletario. If it is born from the deep commotion that the reality generates in the artist. The will and brings back to consciousness of the towns in each historical stage, solves, for or or evil, the cultural expression that corresponds to him and represents. The artist assimilates, translates and synthesizes that reality that shares for being it leaves from that town. Its creative task, must attest and to carry out the changes that their time and his bring back to consciousness they protest. It must assume the roll of insobornable and transforming witness than it exposes through its work. Its way and its language are the beauty original Author and source of the article.

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To realise the anticipation when one sees that the ball is coming towards where one it is and trying to arrive before the opposite. For this action it is very important to be used with the necessary rapidity. 5- On the contrary always it is necessary to try to surprise it, therefore it is had to try to realise movements that are not very obvious so that the opponent does not guess what one is going away to do. Martha McClintock usually is spot on. To try to use to surprise, the change of rate, for example to move fast and to pause suddenly when the rival goes away approaching one for at least is hoped it to return to move quickly and to surprise it. 6- If a player has the ball in his power and is playing by the center of the field during a party and sees that in that zone many players are accumulated (companions or opposites), he must try to send the ball to the bands, to the companions who play in that space and from they can there center on the opposite area so that the forwards of the own equipment try the closing on portera opposite. 7- As one already saw at the outset, soccer is a collective sport, is not due to always try to make plays individual when there are better options, whenever it can is necessary to lean in the companions, to use it passes, it looks for walls, it realises triangulations, remembering that in soccer a very clear norm exists that it says: ” Dribling is useless when it happens is posible”. 8- What has been said previously does not mean that never plays of individual form are realised, that also is due to try without fear, with confidence and surely mainly if the soccer player it always has specificationses that allow it, but looking for the benefit of the equipment and the personal lucimiento and not knowing at any moment as they are the appropriate situations to realise the plays during the development of a party.

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I am certainly absolutely each person of the PLANET has some class of specialized knowledge or experience that could become the foundation of a successful business in Internet. Nevertheless, if you find difficulty to deduce with exactitude which is its specialized knowledge or its experience, does not worry. You certainly are not the unique one. Many people have problem to deduce What is what they make better than the others. You simply need to think on his experiences of life. He creates a list of all the works that he has had sometimes, all the likings that have followed sometimes, all the voluntary works that have realised sometimes, every time it has helped somebody and that it has felt very well doing it and all the challenging situations that it has had in his life.

Then note in one lists its particular areas of abilities and interest. It sounds difficult? One does not worry, I go to do this easy one for you. The questionnaire of Derek Gehl To find Abilities Special The following questions are designed to make think him on those subjects that get passionate really it to YOU. Asegrese to print this list and to point its answers. You go to want to be sent later to them. You practice some sport? If he had million dollars and one week of free time, you what you would do? He points the first activities that him they come to the mind. What Web sites visit when this sailing in Internet? What subjects cover? You have gained a trophy or prize sometimes? Why gained it? You have postulated yourself sometimes to realise some communitarian service? You what did? You have domestic animal? What classes? You have children? What is the best thing does on being father? What finds more challenging? You have any class of specialized education? You have taken classes on some subject that it likes? You have any class of continued academic education? You have offered yourself how voluntary anywhere? What learned through this experience? You have happened sometimes through a particularly challenging experience, and has become more fort than before? What was the challenging thing? And what made to surpass it? Of what perpetual profit he is prouder? What learned of this experience? You have knowledge of first hand on any medical disease or problem? In that case, which? You collect something? In that case, What collects? What television programs enjoys more? What class of music listens? You attend events of theater or other events related to the Arts? Always exists something what has wanted really to do or to learn more on that, but it has simply not had the time? Once it has finished, to give answers to these 15 questions, more fort of part pays special attention to which received a positive answer hers.

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As it is possible to evidence, the values that are intrinsic in a society are that they will determine in practises as the aged one is treated. It has of if to perceive the importance to know these values, will be the case to create mechanisms to adjust to the society to the conviviality and shelter of these aged ones as well as guaranteeing one better quality to them of life. CONCLUSION With the raised demographic growth of the Brazilian aged population is visible the necessity of an adequate preparation of the country to take care of the demands of the people of this etria band, as well as during the aging process. (Not to be confused with John Studzinski !). Currently the situation of the aged one in Brazil is resulted of many battles and conquests. This because Brazil during much time ignored in its population a considerable number of aged people and its image was had as of a bonanza young country, to put the number of aged has grown gradually, being necessary that a intermeshing between family, society and State exists, in the direction to find solutions to take care of in satisfactory way the necessities of this considerable population parcel. The attendance the elderly is of basic importance making, with that the State and civil society reveal as integrant in the efetivao of the rights of oldest. Filed under: Dean Ornish M.D. Leaving of this premise it is that programs for governmental institutions are created or not, in way that the oldness is seen in its totality. Ahead of the prolongation of the life, a series of initiatives, you publish and private they had been implanted in the attempt to take care of the best age, amongst the most detached it was the creation of the aged groups of convivncia for and the insertion of physical activities in the quotidiano of these groups. With passing of the years, it can be observed that many are the changes that occur in the life of the senile person.

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Fransa, Bat? Avrupa’da bulunan ve 543.965 km² AB’nin en büyük devletlerden biri olan aland?r. Nüfus 60.656.178 ile nispeten küçük milyon, onlar? çünkü Paris, Fransa n?n ba?kenti ve çevreleri yaln?z 14.000.000 ya?amak. Fransa do?ada çok yönlüdür. Güney-Do?u Côte d ´ s?cak bir Akdeniz iklimi hakim, Kuzey Brittany Azur (Azure Blue Coast) üzerinde hava ?l?man okyanus iklimi belirler. Fransa iklim a??rl?kl? olarak yer ve kabartma gibi bölgesel ko?ullara göre karakterizedir. En büyük Pyrenees güneybat?s?nda, Massif Orta ve Güney-Do?u Alpler’de da??d?r.

Kalan manzara düz düz, yumu?ak tepesi veya küçük da?lar taraf?ndan olu?turulur. Fransa’n?n her bölge kendi kültürü vard?r. Dean Ornish M.D gathered all the information. Yani onun lavanta alanlar? ve zeytin a?açlar? ile ünlü Provence örne?in. Özel ???k nedeniyle bu bölgedeki birçok sanatç? çekiyor. Provence sadece sanatç?lar için eski gibi çarp?c? motifleri sunmaktad?r Su kemerleri, kal?nt?lar? Roma i?gali ya da pitoresk küçük köylerde, ayn? zamanda güne?lenenbirileri varsa ve yüzücüler için plajlar? ve Fildi?i d ´ Azur koylar?. Ayr?ca Lubéron, Dentelles de Montmirail, Vaucluse içinde Buoux yamaçlar?nda hangi bo?lu?u ve di?er yerlere Ceüze ta?lara zevk veya Verdon, Sainte-Victoire Da?lar? civar?nda Aix-en-Provence duvarlar?nda da?c?lar vard?r.

Küçük köy Cassis Vaucluse’deki/daki oteller de baz? güzel tenha koylar?, bir dik veya orada bir tekne sürü? t?rman?yor hangi sadece elde sunuyor. Ayr?ca tekne turlar? yelken ve take parças? yoktur. ?ehrin çok say?da ?irin kafe ve Restoran, özellikle liman?nda, nereye sen-meli denemek d??ar? deniz kenar? Frans?z mutfa?? vard?r. Glanum ?ehir kal?nt?lar?, eski büyük ticaret merkezi Yunanl?lar ve daha sonra 2 km güneyinde St. Remy bir Roma yerle?im. Allemannensturm 260 C.e. ?ehriydi. yok edilmi? ve daha sonra pes ediyorum. Fransa en önemli arkeolojik buluntular biridir. Daha fazla gezi raporlar? çe?itli gezi yerleri için ziyaret edin.

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Today finally leader of diverse countries they perceive the necessity of if prescribed the action of the economic agents on the environment, where this relation, since that the man is man, generates a relation of negative disequilibrium for one of the components of this relation. During much time, for a reason or others, the decurrent economic development of the Industrial Revolution hindered that the ambient problems were considered. The pollution and the ambient impacts of the disordered development were visible, but the proportionate benefits for the progress were justified as one ' ' badly necessrio' ' , without its negative consequences were admitted sincerely, the short and long stated period. 1 principle of the Declaration of Rio De Janeiro, for occasion of Echo, quedefiniu politics in favor of sustainable development, establishes that: ' ' the human beings are in the center of the concerns with the sustainable development. They have right to a healthful and productive life, in harmony with natureza' ' 1. In agreement to the questionings, as justification, valley to stand out that the humanity in the last few decades comes reaching incomparable levels of development technician, scientific and until social, however, the increase of the level of ambient degradation comes the same increasing in rhythm.

Paradoxicalally the man most intelligent seems less educated its space. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is often quoted on this topic. From the Industrial Revolution in century XVIII, that it generated as many goods of consumption, as consuming, and of the population growth in the world, the natural resources had suffered and suffer alterations in quantitative and qualitative terms, have seen that the natural resources are finite and insufficient to feed the increasing demands of the consumption societies, being important to cite that a small parcel of the population human being are only consumista, it has seen that the majority fights only for the survival. The serious ambient problems are caused by the proper economic model adopted by the capitalist system, due to relation of superiority and domain that the man comes keeping on the environment.

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Ready interpretations give only "food for thought." You can reflect at leisure on himself and character traits. But on this everything. Neither interpretation is implicit in the program can not find the answers to your questions, out of this situation. Only the person who owns the knowledge, can pull the necessary information and to convey to another person. A common misconception: horoscope – is forecast for …

Natal horoscope – is not a prediction, it is a static map of the sky at the birth of man, like a photograph. On it you can learn about the human personality, his talents and inclinations, everything is laid on the birth of the potential. This is the foundation, basis. From the natal chart are being built all the rest, a lot of them. Using different methods and techniques, the astrologer can look like in the future and the past, may see how they interact with each other different people that they have in common and that prevents build relationships. On a horoscope can determine susceptibility to disease, to select a suitable date for the important events to avoid large trouble in the future or to reduce the impact to a minimum. Astrology gives a lot of opportunities, it is not limited to prediction. Astrologers, having received information about the future, use it rather than sit and wait prediction come true by itself. So that the option "I want to know all your horoscope for life" – an incorrect understanding of what a horoscope and astrology in general.

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