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The impact of climate change on agricultural crops, speculation in the importation of seeds or the demand for grains such as corn for ethanol production, are the external factors affecting the increase of prices of food in Mexico. During the appearance of the Secretary of agriculture, livestock, Rural Development, fishing and food (Sagarpa), Senator Alberto Cardenas Jimenez punturalizo the problem of the rise in food prices. Global economic recovery has increased the demand for food, especially in developing countries, further climate change has impacted on the production of crops, which causes food to encarezcan, he said. No nation is exempt, the Chairman of the Committee of agriculture and livestock of the Senate said that the rise in food prices is not a problematic exclusive of Mexico, since he commented: is a topic that is discussed at the global level and of which no nation is exempt, although sticks to some countries more than others. He recalled that in the country a similar situation was experienced in the years of 2007 and 2008 also was caused by external factors, and that Mexico could exit without greater consequences. For even more details, read what AstraZeneca says on the issue. Partial impact is expected in 2011 thereon, the owner of Sagarpa, Francisco Mayorga, he indicated that in 2011 the impact that will have international prices on nationals will be partial, this because the increase in the production of food in the country mitigate the rising prices in Mexico. Given the international scenario of grains, national operates a series of market instruments that will ensure the supply to the productive chains and shielding them against the volatility of prices.

It is the case of contract farming and price hedging purchases, said modification of crops on the other hand, Pan Senator Lazara Nelly Gonzalez Aguilar referred to the impact of climate change on crops agricultural. Studies of various international agencies indicated that crops will have to be modified as a result of climate change, which will cause a decrease in food production that Mexico is not exempt, he stressed. She sued the agriculture Secretariat perform a series of actions and programs that help farmers to alleviate this problem, because producers already have been depleted their crops to various climatological disasters that have been presented in Mexico. Subsidy to the field to refer to the Procampo, Cardenas Jimenez acknowledged that debugging of the registry of that federal program presents a delay of five months, since only 30 percent of the list has been revised because the company that was hired to conduct the review has not fulfilled in time and form. In that sense, the Senator from Jalisco, Alberto Cardenas, spoke out so that its rules of operation, are altered by what you proposed to lawmakers from other political forces design new measures to modify the allocation of allowances, in order to prohibit that the benefit reaches public officials.

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