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What you should know about trainers and animal psychologists who (still in German-speaking countries) not recognized professional dog trainer originated in sports and service area. In these areas, dogs to be trained immediately perform specific, always-running exercises on instructions. You must also see that the sports sector is again derived from the service area (usually little professionally and often also badly). A service dog is a tool (as it is) for Customs (drug dogs, etc.), protection service (bandits catch) or security (land, building, or a person from bandits to protect). Such a dog is drilled (well thats mean that literally), commands on command or independently (security) have learned (make, verbellen, attacking) perform when needed. The service was and is that maybe useful, absolutely covered in the home and companion dog. Cancer research will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Unfortunately, these have Exercises”naturalized and are regarded as the non plus ultra of dog training: seat, place, walk, bring, spring, stay, etc. The service language”, which comes from the military, is also been naturalized, just that language which consists of rugged commands.

This comes, that the dog as a faithful (and even stupid in this respect) companion of man, very easy drill on these commands can be (even a tortured dog usually retains his Lord and master it takes forever, if at all, until a dog to his Lord to the military). You need no specialist knowledge of dogs or even empathy to get immediately and immediately execute commands a dog. Some of these coaches resulting from the sports sector”is still: every dog is quickly brought to heel with linen jerk and Stachelhalsband. Other so-called trainers work with treats to excess, freely according to the motto: the dog is hungry and who does everything for treats. It is often now still on a fenced site once a week a life long practiced, practiced and practiced.

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