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According to Barros and Pillon (2006), it is necessary the envolvement of professionals who act in all the levels of prevention in the primary attention, where the problems related to the alcohol consumption can be boarded in agreement the found necessities, and that they are effective in the scope of the assistance to the users of drugs. Necessary withholds of an informative potential next to these users and its families, the same occurring in relation to the community, of general form, fitting to the nurse the exploration of the individual potentialities, resources, valuation, qualification of all as a whole. Petta (apud BARROS; PILLON, 2006) affirms that this envolvement, allows that the primary prevention while worked in set, if it becomes effective, therefore includes: family; school; group and community contributing for the reduction of the problems related to the abusive alcohol consumption. Also Gonalves (apud BARROS; PILLON, 2006) affirms that the work with multiprofessional team allows to focus the practical social matters and the educative ones instead of approach dressing in this form of prevention.

In the secondary prevention, the performance of the professional can be directed to the specific users in a more objective intervention. However in the tertiary prevention, it needs? if the performance of professionals enabled to the treatment through the interventions, that make possible the accompaniment of the evolution of the dependent user, preventing the complications and contributing for the whitewashing of the dependent user of the alcohol. International studies demonstrate the efficiency of the brief interventions in the precocious detention of related problems to the alcohol. The identification of the problematic alcohol use can guarantee the prevention of problems for it caused, as, for example, cardiovascular illnesses and traffic accidents, reducing expenses, diminishing the number of medical consultations and optimizing the application of the available resources for the health (I LIE, 2007). However, it makes necessary to create feedback and thus to emphasize the users of bigger sensitivity to trace strategies to be carried through through Brief Interventions (education for the alcohol; basic orientaes; brief aconselhamento, selection, and encaminhamentos), suggested for Ronzani et al.

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