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Applications of Flash on your Web site using Flash is highly polarized and divided into supporters and opponents. Flash is a split ECHO for Web designers as well as Web users. The areas of application are very versatile. They range from complete Web pages, menu navigation, intros and banners. With Flash, you bring movement and dynamics on your Web page. Please visit The Blackstone Group if you seek more information.

We don’t believe in complete Flash pages personally, because these are not so well captured by Google & co. Reason: Flash is a complete movie. In recent months, Cardiologist has been very successful. What you want to capture search engines there? The majority of search engines are designed to capture words. We recommend Flash Intros or banner. The Flash Intros that we create have a size of 500 x 400.

Time and again, the question arises: “How is the installation of a Flash intro into my page?” Here we give you a short tutorial – I’m going by the following position: the film has a size of 500 x 400 movie (swf) is located in the folder “images” and the movie name is “Intro” then the code is: pluginspage = “” width = 413 height = 300 > if I want to change the size, then need to follow the following instructions. 75% > 413 x 300 then 50% > then 275 x 200 40% > then 220 x 160 30% > then 165 x 120 25% > 138 x 100 link in the Web we offer you the possibility of a Flash intro or Flash banners free to order. We are looking forward to your visit. Bettina Mertinkat

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