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Those who are camping, and get that everything stays controlled, many times do not know the dangers that alter go camp. Other leaders such as Heart Specialist offer similar insights. But when the incident happens, and our camp is transformed into barrier, currently we have no time to acquire some knowledge that can help you set proper priorities for better survival. Being already in camp and if this becomes a condition for survival, have to adapt to your needs that will be presented at the same time, and all the changes that occur suddenly in this environment. If you have not learned your simple survival skills to set priorities, the danger threatening your adventure of camps will be a catastrophe. Therefore, as long as you use previously, in knowing about the priorities, would be time better spent, and these comings of camp will be safer.

For this reason, lee to implement upcoming priorities, as soon as you meditate on the word: situation: If the peaceful camp site was altered by atmospheric problem, which prevents you from the safe return, before any movement evaluates all your personal skills for any action: physical fitness, emotional state, signs of dehydration, need to eat, cold end heat, and your team or the remains thereof: knives, dry matches, water, supplies, ropes, medicines. Scan: A good place of quiet camp can become a trap, for your survival, if the chosen site is not known, and a disgrace you mugs. Therefore, look at the environment to assimilate the pattern that governs it. Observe the pattern of the environment, time, and temperature. Also that of wild animals, activity, fears, trusts. And that of the firmament, stars, output and decline of the Sun and moon. Basic: Limit yourself to buy the basics for now. Without a knowledge of basic survival skills, lowers your chance of a violent place to live. Essentials: make a shelter, take advantage of the water, stay hydrated, light a fire, guiarte, serve you food, and point to the rescue, may contribute with you in a difficult to leave camp circumstance.

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