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Parmenides ancient Greek philosopher (C. 515 C 440 to.) (C) approx. second half of the century saw the beginning of the 5th century. A.. N. E. ELEA (southern Italy) is Rector of the Greek school.

Parmenides is represented worldwide under the aspect of a sphere motionless and completely filled. Emphatic way the doctrine of truth Contraponia (of that being true, it is one, eternal, immobile, indivisible, and not contains vasio) the doctrine of opinion (that there is a multitude of things that arise and go, move, are divisible into parts and they are separated between if by the vacuum). The doctrine of truth is trustworthy; the doctrine of the single opinion is plausible. Parmenides oriented consciously the doctrine of truth against the dialectic of Heraclitus and his disciples. In the doctrine of opinion, Parmenides risked their astronomical, physical, physiological hypothesis. Parmenides naively materialistic physics is based on the conjecture that there are two principles; the asset of fire and light, and the inert dark. Mistrust in the testimony of the senses, the high valuation of speculative knowledge.

They introduce an element of idealism and even of rationalism in the doctrine of Parmenides. While the denial of movement makes the founder of ancient Greek metaphysics of Parmenides. Young, when Parmenides represents the world as a sphere stationary and full, makes it for two reasons. First: why was once thought that the Earth remained motionless, due to this phenomenon the planets and the Sun revolved around it. Second: that the universe for the Greeks was finite. the philosophy of Parmenides cannot be well understood, but is put into relationship controversy with the philosophy of Heraclitus according to Heraclitus, is that one thing is and is not at the same time. Put being consists in being still, flowing, in becoming. Parmenides by analyzing the very idea of becoming, flowing change, finds the item in this idea that being ceases to be what it is.

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