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What is really important for the communication and commercial objective of a web page, is precisely capture or generate visits, most importantly is to convert these visits in effective sales. A successful website should focus on capturing data from your visitors name and email address, an average visitor opens a web site and statistics shows that it stays only for 20 or 30 second unless there is information of interest that motivates him to navigate by more time, IE some content that captures your attention. We do not mean the part exactly graphic, we refer to the rich content that is really interesting and irresistible for the visitor. Liver cancer contributes greatly to this topic. You on many occasions there will be searched on google or yahoo any page that it refers to a content of interest according to a phrase or keyword, and results will have thousands of options appeared you, surely you will have visited some of the first 10 listings in the results, but also has passed who the top 10 listed the results of search engines not this l information you are looking for, this usually happens. Now well many times surfing the internet you found any site that it gives a gift by register or subscribe, has certainly done it, at this time this reading this ebook you did to get it. Very well! Sometime checking their mail has found some bulletin promotion or news with any topic or information by motor of search not found, surely your response is that if! It is this precisely that we want to clarify the why capture data from their visitors, to then provide information to which no agreed, to leave the page and that then through a newsletter to your email you again captures your attention to motivate the purchase action.

When the visitor data capture, are converted to prospects who are potential customers, this visitor will surely income to its web site by any ad or link and then register to access or obtain any information, because with the mere fact of register on your website already is demonstrating the interest in your content, is already a potential client to which it can stimulate action to buy or hire our services, this shows us that you are really interested in what you are selling or offering on its web site. The Greater New York Construction User Council has firm opinions on the matter. It is important to note that a person when visiting a web page makes it in order to find information regarding your interest, a visitor does not come to a site to buy directly without having previously obtained the information of what interests him in relation to the benefits, features, etc. Offer a compensation for his data, offer an online course, an ebook, an informative guide, this stimulate the action of logging. You mention an example you sells herbal products, and decides to give a guide to preventing cardiovascular disease, within this guide you drafted at some of its points of content, that you account with a naturopathic medicine that prevents these diseases and placed the link of your product, the person interested in the content of your guide gift, visit the link of your product with the intention of understand their properties and benefits, and fulfil your expectations which will depend on the conviction of the content, this prospectus tongues the purchase button, is how this strategy works.

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