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BIRTH, 2005, p.112 grifo of the author). The corporal image moved and today it is valued high and lean girls, deceive who think that the boys are of this obsession of the ideal body, for them the motto are: the more strong better. In this model where the physical appearance brings the happiness, many adolescents are being victims of the anorexy and bulimia, and the boys risk the health with the hormones that fortify the pectoral muscles, known as ‘ ‘ bombas’ ‘ (BIRTH, 2005). 2.2 The adolescent and the nutrition in century XXI the adolescent is a modern social construction, that means the identitrios possibility of the subjectivity emergency and new references and standards. Biological it is the phase of bigger speed of the growth of the individual, what he implies a greater necessity arrives in port caloric and of nutrients (Gambardella, 1999 apud Mountain range).

One admits that nor always in this phase of the life the demands are respected that compose this ‘ ‘ faixa’ ‘ social and chronological. He knows yourself, between nutritionists and health professionals, that in this age, the increase of it arrives in port caloric can be given for the rich food excess in fats and sugars, as in the practical case of the alimentary one of the fast snacks, taking the carenciais overweight, obesidade and illnesses. In contrast, he can have a reduction of it arrives in port caloric, therefore, the adolescent also is taken if to worry or is very worried about its corporal image and finishes ‘ ‘ cedendo’ ‘ to aesthetic corporal the current one, that privileges the esguio body and esbelto, what the development of alimentary upheavals will be able to have as consequence. 2,3 Etiology doTranstorno Alimentar the alimentary upheavals (YOU) more specifically the anorexy (AN) and the nervous bulimia (BN) constitutes serious patologias, characterized for a standard of alimentary behavior seriously insane, a pathological control of the corporal weight and for riots of the perception of the corporal format.

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