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We know 31cosas.com, the new site that aims to help you, precisely, you fulfill yours. You, what do you do with your life? Perhaps do you dream to travel the world? Would you like to buy a bike? Or want to improve your technique with skate? Surely, you have many goals in mind. It is no coincidence that this site was launched in January. The new year begins, and everyone we propose a series of goals and resolutions to meet during the next twelve months: I want to paint the Department, I want to learn a martial art, I want to take a class in theater, I want to speak a new language, I want to lose weight, my goal is to find a partner, enroll me in a gym or learn how to program howevermonths pass and most of us view fade into nothingness the list of objectives had been set. Everyday obligations and pressures to meet the urgent sometimes take time to what is important.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a tool to help you monitor your goals, and to encourage you in compliance of your achievements? Isn’t it that would be great to contact other people with goals similar to yours, and join as they strive to meet them? Think how much would you be part of an armed community so that all those who are part of it can meet its resolutions. With this premise has launched the new website 31cosas.com. The novelty of this original site consists of that are there allows you to create a list of 31 (objectives to fulfill) things which them you can track, go writing about your progress, share with your friends through Facebook, or connect with other users who want the same things as you and accompany each other while they are encouraged to achieve the goal. Once any of your goals have been met, you will be able, through this page, share with others how it was that you did it, what resources you were most useful, how long took you to do it, etc. Therefore, you can also leverage the experience of those who they got the same what you aspire.

Looking for stop smoking, end your college career, or you go to live alone? Take the advice of those who have been able to do it! Register to be able to assemble your list is very easy. You only need to create a user name, select a password and provide a valid email. Now with this you will have access to the site and you can begin sharing your goals with those who want the same as you, and recommend to other users from your experience. In short, 31cosas.com promises to be a fun, interactive and useful site which surely logres fulfill many of those goals that otherwise would have been half way. A are you waiting? It meets your dreams and your goals! Register today, invite your friends and start to think, you also, in all those things that dream of being able to do! 31cosas.com you is waiting for you to discover it. Original author and source of the article

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