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Why you should brush your teeth even the smallest children. If you ask a dentist when you should brush your teeth toddlers or infants, then the opinions split partially. Everywhere you will hear that you should clean the small Milchzahnchen basically from the first teeth regularly (for babies) once a day. Other dentists in turn believe that a regular brushing of milk teeth is only necessary from the 1st birthday. The opinions regarding the first dentist visit are equally divided. There is one, for example, by a dentist recommended, directly with the baby to the dentist to go if it is 1 year old, in turn another recommends a dentist visit at an age of two years here so you again again do not know basically as a layperson, when you should go first to the dentist. Well, if you here not already own experiences made, for example, the firstborn, then staff pretty on the hose.

If you are having a baby regular Checkups with the pediatrician perceives, then you know that it always takes a look in the mouth and the teeth. Of course a pediatrician can assume not the task of a dentist and here not diagnose whether a tooth replacement becomes necessary, but can he check out whether the teeth, for example, just grow or whether here may be a dental braces or similar is necessary. If you sure now still at home that the child, initially of course respects dental care help the parents on a regular basis, then nothing can go wrong in fact. In older children who have lost perhaps the milk teeth, you should make sure explicitly that caries and Baktus are regularly removed, and, unfortunately, be also appropriate screening appointments at the dentist.

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