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In order for doing nails at home you get a wonderful result, use only the highest quality materials and good tools for creating nail design. Unfortunately, many women underestimate the importance of tools to create unique design nail home. The main tool to create a home nail – nail file, its importance in the fact that the nail file is used for the daily care of their nails. There are several parameters that define the quality nail file – it is a substrate material and the abrasive substrate. So in the de rudeness layer processing saws differ greatly.

With increasing levels of abrasiveness are more delicate sawing. e=5EBC0D78(6 kB)’>Sumru Ramsey to increase your knowledge. Abrasive surface of the saw blade made from a variety of materials such as silicon carbide with a zinc layer, 'stone-sawing', solid crystals of silicon carbide, garnet, and others. Tools with abrasive 60-90 used only for undermining inconsistent speed polish. These saws are used in studios for the design of nails, but doing nails at home, you might as well use such a tool. Nail file with abrasive 240 – this is versatile tool that can be applied to any action over your natural nails.

But Super-sawing (400-900) are used as a tool that prepares the surface for polishing. Do not be scared such a large number of terms, remember your nails at home – it's very simple. It is also widely used as tools for creating nail design – base, it can be different fabrics, foam polieletilena, cardboard. For production buffs usually use cloth nail files, which are quite expensive. But if you use the main result is that high-quality materials and tools, nails and wonderful home you will be provided. Also, there are wooden and plastic nail file. More about decorating nails and nail enhancements at home you have read here at home nail designs

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