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DREAMLAND on Jun 6, 2009 at the Aladin & Tivoli Bremen only is still a few days until the biggest drum & bass event in Germany once again opens its doors. A fantastic selection of different styles, combined with the skills of the booked artist will an unforgettable evening provide. THEREFORE: QUICK OR THE LAST CARD ON FAVOURABLE TERMS OF 16.50 EUROS BACK UP! YOU CAN FIND THE MAPS BOX OFFICE AT THE END OF THIS REPORT. After more than 3 years, a veteran of the electronic music scene is finally represented – MARUSHA. Without Marusha the then breakbeat craze had not so quickly evolved, therefore it is considered the scene with Designer. The Duo “the Council Pack” from the United Kingdom will support actively Marusha. Floor leaves nothing to be desired also the drum & bass, because the double trouble master Mampi Swift is finally back with part of the game. Almost 5 years ago he wowed us along with MC SHABBA D, which is on Saturday also included.

Mampi in combination with Shabba, is a fusion of superlatives. For that, the it like harder like, the sect from England was invited. Technoid drum & bass style combines two electronic musicians – drum & bass and techno. If you were to say that his sound is bass-heavy, it would understate. Shimon even, by the RAM of records family, graced the premises of the Aladin & Tivoli complex. Of course, these sizes will receive musical support. Motion, Quincee, Dirk, ran-D, Duke, graph-X and blaze modified provide more variety.

They get linguistic support from MC Spyda, who is best known for his publication of “Tarantula” on the top label “Breakbeat of Kaos”. Also by Tonn Piper, the lyrical Uzi MC Puiu and our local heroes MC Little Monk, MC Raida and MC invader. In addition to the two main areas (Aladin and Tivoli), there is a special feature in the Roadhouse.

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