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Note of the Publisher: the financial crisis seems not to have dice to him truce to Bernanke. Nor so far will occur it. Majors cuts of rates in the horizon and inflationary pressures already installed, will cause that the macroeconomic situation is more difficult to solve than the hoped thing by the EDF. are many factors in game at the same time we see Me can send its commentaries a: Contina the Effect Dominated in the EE.UU. Buenos Aires, Argentina 11 of March of 2008 the effects of the crisis of the market of mortgages prevails in the EE.UU are continued happening as if they were pieces of dominated that they continue falling.

The cuts of rates have not been able not even to avoid that the liquidity needs stop. Quite the opposite, is continued multiplying. What it is more and more in evidence is that the policy of rates by a time more does not go to manage to have positive effects on the reactivation of the American economy. The prize consolation by which Bernanke goes is to avoid that the situation still more worsens To the bad news on the health of American economy that comes happening and, that the past Friday gave account of the major fallen in the use level from the 2003, now is necessary to add a new outbreak to him of the problems of liquidity in the financial system. The financial markets in the EE.UU are demonstrating new tensions that are reflected in the extension in spreads in the market of interbank credit and new pressures in the debt market industralist of short term endorsed by assets. In order to take care of this problem, that threatens worsening, Bernanke had to leave to increase of original US$ 60,000 to, until at the moment, US$ 100,000 million, its bottoms in the auctions upon maturity and at the same time it had to give to major security in the continuity of the cut policy of rates to avoid a greater uncertainty.

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