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“The new album by Ella finally – for miles after the sensational success of her first single kiss me, hold me, love me” in the winter of 2009, after Karl Svoboda’s tale suite, after the release of the first album “because the” 2010, after millions of YouTube clicks, television appearances, own moderation – broadcasts and after his first solo tour by six German cities with their Orchestra, born in Weimar and Berlin-based artist Ella finally to the 14.10.20011 released the second album “Miles”. It was created in their Berlin music production finally music. Ella has already at the tender age of 14 years – in the 90 ern-as “Junia” pop star “repelled the horns.” Also the music completed with distinction – Theatre diploma at the Bavarian Theatre Academy August Everding has sharpened the antennas, influenced the style and contributes significantly in that appearances seem so unlike Ella Endlichs. Ella appears larger sense questions by critics not to take care of and is a new, their own way. “Music is music!” even the opening song “Miles” bristling with power and is “that sounds like Celine Dion on German” – monkeys all kinds of sugar.

The ultimate anthem of the long distance relationship! Incredibly fresh and modern. “Summer sun children” revels in a kind of urban air Castle at temperatures above 30 degrees. For Ella, a short trip on the sea is the small drop-out fantasy between the recording studio and annoying noise of the city. Here you can see an earthy of rhythmic guitar, singer/songwriter accompanied style, in the tradition of the 60 ‘and 70’ he. “A song for all those who walk in the dark”, it was “You go never work alone”, so Ella. We can confidently give it his best friend, the sick boy next door or his Grandma. Chanson and folk Orchestra accents are finished, as one that was of her hit “Kiss me, hold me, love me” knew.

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