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Cool they look, the bright, colorful salt water fish in pet stores and aquarium shops. But who has no experience with such fish and their demands on the water, which should better first start with a normal aquarium. It is also recommended, especially when young people discover the hobby in itself because of ignorance can respond quickly and spoil the fun for fish at the aquarium. As a starter to a medium-sized aquarium is of 60-80 cm, aquarium lighting and filters. Provide the necessary oxygen plants either appropriate or a so-called bubbler. Daryl Katz, New York City: the source for more info.

First, the aquarium should maintain a permanent place, because after filling it with water can weigh several pounds and can hardly be changed yet. Then, only the substrate and the plants are used. Now, the water can be admitted and who wants can still decorate the back wall of the aquarium with colored back wall. Of course, now is still something missing – the fish. But there should be a little patient be on the same day and not just buy and use fish.

At least a day to rest the aquarium, so to put the suspended matter can and the water is crystal clear. Only then can the fish in, because there is no danger that lay between their gills and suspended solids entering into this if possible. But then may be chosen and that makes the aquarium, the greatest joy. Various Characiformes, Barblinge, swordtails, guppies and catfish are fairly low maintenance fish species that are suitable for the beginner very well. However, should you voted the amount of fish the size of the aquarium. It is also important to be careful that in some species only one male per aquarium fish may be used to avoid fighting. For the necessary food and other accessories you should get advice immediately from specialist dealers.

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