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When these walking by the corridor of a supermarket in search of foods for a cat or dog, you do not have more remedy than to trust which better sees according to the publicity or the one that is but cheap. Unfortunately, no of these tactics obtains that your mascot has an appropriate feeding, since the digestive systems of the animal were not thought for foods process. In fact, if the owners knew exactly what the dogs or cats eat, would never leave touched those foods again. For example, the fat in foods often is left in kitchen oil that sat down in 50 gallons of sun. The veterinarians say that the foods process can cause serious problems of health, like in the skin and digestive upheavals. The foods process also have quality problems. The ideal food for any dog or cat is the crude meat.

This is what their relative wild ancestors ate and its intestine this preparation for that type of meals and does not stop the processings. The companies of food for dog cook the meat before turning it into food. Also they add preservatives to prolong the life utility of the product. It imagines that so healthy serious if all the food that you eat processing outside, any chemistry in foods can be as harmful as for humando to the equal for a dog or cat. Therefore pinsalo twice before feeding your mascots, for that reason many animal they do not like the processed food they let and it know immediately. Original author and source of the article.

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