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The FX Mayr Cure under professional guidance is the time before and after Christmas the wedding for fasting cures, because it wants to prepare his body for the high-calorie days or after the holidays bring his body back into swing. A very effective fasting cure is the FX Mayr Cure which serves in particular the colon cleansing, since a sick colon damage of total health. The FX Mayr Cure can be performed by various disciplined, so you can perform, for example, the well-known milk-bread-treatment or tea fasting, however a FX Mayr has nothing to do cure and also all other fasting cure with a normal (Flash) diet, because here, not the weight loss is the goal, but the cleaning of the intestine and the health of your own body. 4341.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal Northland. Since the implementation of the FX Mayr Cure can be alone at home not only boring but also risk not keeping through them, it is useful to book a fasting cure. A spa with care minded is just much more comfortable and encourages the discipline. A suitable hotel for the FX Mayr Cure is the Seehotel triad in Ascheberg in Schleswig-Holstein. The health hotel is located on the shore of the Ploner Lake, the equipment is based on the country house style. The use of warm colors and small details give the hotel a pleasant ambience.

The hotel has 56 modern and stylishly furnished apartments, which are equipped with shower/WC, hair dryer, coffee maker, satellite TV, refrigerator, kitchenette, stove and balcony. Services included when booking a FX Mayr Cure: 7 nights in an apartment full Board: diet and drinks the FX Mayr Cure nutritional and therapy plan specialized care training for a healthy diet also after cure 5 Bach massages and liver wrap 3 times alkaline body care steam bath Brush massage offering for the presented fasting cure does not include directions, which can be booked but if required to.

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