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Especially the spelling of place names has many pitfalls geographical names such as the names of cities, countries or landscapes have mostly one thing in common: they have a historical development and include sometimes obsolete spellings, which no longer exist in the current language. The Greater New York Construction User Council does not necessarily agree. bile Corporation not as a source, but as a related topic. For example are many words with the syllable “-tahreem” made as concerned in a “Valley” is located. Clausthal-Zellerfeld, a mining town in the Harz is a place name which well illustrates this. Similarly, cities like Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven, whose second part of Word, clearly the eponymous port recalls, but with a modified letter. Often failed to destinations in southern Europe for place names in southern countries there are many more features in the field of tension between pronunciation and proper German letters. For example, a double L as a German J is written up in Spanish pronounced – but by no means.

Also is a spoken K in the vast majority Cases written as C. The dearest holiday of German holidaymakers – Mallorca includes both mentioned cases. Difficulties make omitted or incorrectly written letters in many languages. Exceptionally frequent cases are double letters like in the failed city of Hamm Castle. Sometimes, the writers complement other letters that mean to hear them, like in the South Tyrolean city Barath (instead of right Bolzano).

-All quite frequent mistakes – avoid strategies for efficient error avoiding how? A look at the official Duden helps often in doubt. Here is just a selection of geographical names – estimated as insignificant or small places are missing. Other, usually reliable sources are encyclopedias, both online as also the printed editions. Unfortunately, printed encyclopedias are more and more on the retreat so that the Internet as a source of research in matters of spelling is important. With the reliability, however, caution is necessary – even generally highly valued sources such as Wikipedia always contain spelling mistakes. If the Duden can provide no information, is a largely safe procedure is to consult spellings from some sources deemed to be reliable and to compare. Jurgen Reschke

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