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The wrong diets or unbalanced diets, make our bodies more and more sensitive to the changes that we have been suffering. In fact our bodies, almost without noticing us are assaulted consciously or unconsciously by ourselves, as well as social media in which we live and develop ourselves. This produces major alterations weaken our nervous system and altering it or weaken it to affect our immune system in our bodies. This alteration affects more sensitively to women than to men. This State previously cited, is not more than a State of physiological stress. Our body tries to adapt to the changes that occur at this time of the year, natural changes such as those caused by changes in temperature. Our blood becomes more liquid and fluid in the winter that is more dense and dark. It has in fact always been saying that we are all blue blood in winter.

In winter our blood is more dense, dark and bluish. Time changes. Since December, it lengthens the day and spring arrives. In addition to the time change produced by the Governments. Changes of light. Our agencies are flowing to the hourly or daily biorhythms. In fact we know that in the morning our bodies are a little more acids, therefore leads us to the awakening of the day, and in the late night more alkaline and induces us to rest and sleep.

Changes of power. We spent a cold and long winter in which are more picked up at home, taking usually hot food, in all an explosion of life and new, fresh food with a colorful and flavors which one makes the mouth water as we say. That is why the spring asthenia usually appears in the morning, with the dawn of a new day. It predominates in the morning, is variable throughout the day, curiously does not improve with rest and is associated with changes in the physiology of sleep.

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