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It has recent evidence of that the chronic renais patients in daily pay dialysis, HD and DP can have a chronic inflammatory state, translating for raised levels of inflammatory markers in the sanguineous circulation, amongst them meets it ferritina3. Some authors believe that the high one concentration of srica ferritina can be considered a marker of morbidade and mortality in these patients 18. Although some users to have presented levels of raised triglicerdeos mainly, the half (55%) of the sample had more than presented values inside of the band of normality, being satisfactory for these two analyzed lipoproteins together. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dean Ornish M.D. The situations of dislipidemias are less prominent in the IRC even so the isolated hipertrigliceridemia occur in 30% 50% of casos3. You may find that Donald Sussman can contribute to your knowledge. In a carried through study, of the same nature, the authors had gotten about 40% patients with hipertrigliceridemia and 13.3% with total cholesterol raised of its sample total19. The primary finding in the IRC and dialysis is the hipertrigliceridemia, the CT is usually normal, perhaps for the state me – the nutrition in some pacientes6,19. Already in relation to the values of arterial pressure (Par), varied classifications had been gotten in such a way before as after the process of hemodilise (HD) that the users were submitted. Being that the half of the sample, after the hemodialtica therapy, presented the excellent classification in relation its Par.

The prolongation of the dialysis time can improve the control of the pressure. This if must for the fact that, a exchangeable sodium reduction, for the increase of the difusivo sodium transport, in combination with the removal of the vasoconstritoras substance increase, can be partially responsible for the changes observed in the arterial pressure during long periods of dilise20.

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