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Mama tommen!” He hits with his bear for me. I want to finally look at the history alone, but he won’t let me. He proposes constantly on the book or to me. Leave me alone!” I push him away. Mama tommen”, he calls and strikes again with the bear on my head. I push him off the couch. Then go to Mama.” He falls on his butt and looks me verdutztan.

Then he cries out. But I’m sick and tired. With your foot, just put I it a piece away from me and go with your finger across a row. There is an ‘ L’. I’ve been there.

My name starts. Maxi stands up and runs out of the room roared. Peace is finally. It doesn’t take long, since Mama comes back with my brother in the arm. What’s wrong, Lena Maria? I asked you to watch Maxi, so that I can do the laundry.” I turn even one page and do not see the two. But he screams.”I hear that he cries out. Also he says, you should have hit him.” Maxi, the traitor, interrupts his sobs and nods. LEA skin.” I see high. That’s not true. Then he hit me.”but why roars Maxi and not you?” Now, I get angry. Because I’m no Wuss like that since.” MOM shakes her head. Should I you believe that he will skin you and then screaming to me running?” Yes MOM, that you’re supposed to believe. It is however also true. Finally, I would like to know what’s in the book. I’m also hungry and somehow I’m tired. Preferably I would now really beat up Maxi. The day was so beautiful and now he has ruined everything. Maxi is stupid.” MOM builds up right in front of me. So? And therefore you have him beaten well, Mademoiselle? I asked for some rest.

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