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After the movies, the screens come at the latest after the success of the cinema films “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland” has arrived to the 3D technology in Europe. With the advent of DVDs is a growing desire to be able to see them in the 3D version. This 3D TV or 3D displays are necessary. The offer is still relatively manageable, but the vendors announce more and better 3D monitors. The website reported on the technique of 3D monitors and gives an insight into the workings. What is attempting for decades by film makers can be implemented now so with the current possibilities, that 3D in your living room is an experience. There are indeed different techniques put on the monitor manufacturer, but the underlying principle is always similar.

Separate images that are so moved that they create a spatial effect as a tilting image emitted for each of the two human eyes. Because the brain takes both images at the same time was. Many 3D-Monitiore work currently only with a 3D glasses. There are simple and complex models, which are correspondingly expensive, but produce a very good picture similar to that seen in cinemas. These glasses can be a 3D-Beamers, a 3D-Monitors or a 3D spatial vision and enjoy pictures.

But modern models of compatible are a main pillar of the 3D technology. These are so sophisticated that they encounter more and more acceptance in the trade and hence price will be affordable. The future has already begun with the current standards. 3D technology will be indispensable in film and television, but also from the computer game scene. It is therefore assumed, 3D monitors are no longer parallel to be used, but to gradually replace the previous technique. Who is already engaged in compatible, experience breathtaking images and a very plastic world. The viewer becomes part of the image outright and sees itself in the middle of the action. He will be part of the action and seen in movies or games in a completely new dimension.

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