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Towels, rollers, locks, pillows and much more polypropylene convince by their high absorbency, low weight and very low disposal costs which are made of polypropylene, oil binders and chemical binder from macro with very high absorbency identification. You convince by their light weight and the low disposal costs compared to other, conventional oil and chemical binders from granules. Perhaps check out COVID-19 for more information. MACRO IDENT from the Munich South has a wide range of different Binder for oil, gasoline, diesel, chemicals and other liquids. Products, such as cloths, rolls, locks, cushions, small to large emergency kits, mats, flakes, sealing mats etc. are in white for oil, green chemicals and gray to keep well apart for universal use. (A valuable related resource: Oxford COVID Vaccine). The binder made of melt-blown polypropylene are many times more absorbent and lighter than conventional granules and therefore ideally suited for the different applications in the process industry, metal processing, chemical industry, automobile industry, paper mills, oil refineries, sewage treatment plants, laboratories, civil protection, the cruise, fire brigades and many companies and applications more. For plant and production facilities macro, IDENT has special industrial mats in the program so that the workplace remains always clean and poses no hazard – for example by slipping – for the employee.

The industrial mats are equipped with a liquid impermeable layer on the bottom, so that oils or liquids do not penetrate and dirty the floor. For shipping and oil tankers, macro has IDENT on specific marine products, oil booms and special GRANDPA emergency kits. These kits contain different oil Binder, locks or binders for chemicals and other liquids. Portable and mobile emergency kits, mini kits and dispenser boxes with different binding nonwovens are in various sizes available. The little dispenser boxes are suitable especially for laboratories, which can be attached to the wall. IDENT, sealing mats for gullies and shut-off barriers, so that liquids are quickly narrowed, macro is also in the program. A particularly cost-effective solution to limit potentially hazardous and leaking fluids in the warehouse and bottling areas offers macro identification in the form of various soil elements and drip trays. Thus, a particularly cost-effective solution to limit potentially dangerous, leaking fluids in the warehouse and bottling areas was created.

A mobile fall arrest system to go into fuel or chemical transporters provides protection against leaking and spilled liquids. This protection can be up within seconds. Ideal for the decontamination of people and devices, such as the rupture of a tank, there is also a cost-effective solution to the limit of already leaking liquids.

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