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You will question where you want to arrive with this papo. I want to say here that not obstante the physical difficulties and limitations to my treat it normally cousins. They talk with it, they place it along with the new features of the house, will have reform or not, if they had fought with the namorada one, if they are ill or with health. At last, even so it if does not move and is prostrada in a bed it has three decades almost, it gives to total attention in what they say. He is obvious: its spirit is active, feeling, loving, living Cliente of the immortal reality we cannot leave to treat familiar sick people? here it will have who them? as if they did not exist. Its is important to walk evolutivo that they receive the attention that they deserve. It does not answer? from there? They are difficulties of the body that will be cured with the time. However the soul is well alive and intent.

If you have somebody in house in the provisory situation of physical invalidity? invalidity written here for the purpose of agreement without cairmos in philosophical digresses on the subject? if it has not limited to the basic cares of feeding and medication. It goes beyond. It talks, it kisses, it counts its problems, it gives attention to it. It makes the dear being to be part of the family. It can be that now it does not answer on account of the physical limitation, but has the certainty that in reencontro in the Native Spiritual, when I free recouped of the evil acometeu that it, the familiar one to certainly will be thankful it for you not to on account have it left other people’s of the events of its physical limitations. After all, much worse of what the difficulty of the body is the blindness that acomete who does not observe the plazas horizontes of the immortal Spirit. Let us think about this!

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