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The cheapest petrol stations in your environment give the constantly fluctuating and especially rising fuel prices to think also you or anger you’re cooking, and you knew where you could always cheap fuel in your environment? -The owner of the website share just this concern with you. By using this website, you are able, throughout Switzerland the locations of the cheapest petrol in your environment to inform. Also, you will offered the opportunity to be able to keep other known locations of the cheapest petrol stations with you at all times up to date, and to win a vehicle tank filling fuel of your choice (maximum 60 litres) at the end of the month. How it works: retrieve fuel prices: simply select the desired state to display the is lowest reported gas stations. The current overview appears immediately below the Swiss map. Fuel prices communicated: by clicking on the heading “fuel price share and fuel win”appears in a new window in which all known currently (not older than 72 hours) you can enter information in the appropriate fields. In return you can in the monthly draw free vehicle fuel fuel participate your choice (maximum 60 litres). To increase your chances of winning, you often share with the high fuel prices. It is worth. Thomas Kung

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