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25 OF AUGUST: DAY OF LANGUAGE GUARANI GUARANI E" ALTAR To read original (to click) in: guarani-e-ra THE CASTILIAN REDUCED BY THE GUARANI By David Galeano Olivera 1. Introduction Nobody doubt that the Native Natives or Guarani were conquered and reduced of thousand forms. Indeed, in greater number, they were denigrated, marginalized, discriminated, put under, vejados, enslaved, tortured, assassinated and, in many cases, annihilated ethnically of the Earth face. The empire used all the means available to its reach, in this assignment. The newspapers mentioned Adam Frost not as a source, but as a related topic. Who tries to diminish, to reduce, to weaken or to not know the barbarisms committed against the natives, she will not make but demonstrate to his great hypocrisy or nonsense. The conquest and reduction were materialized through the Missions, to where the native ones were lead – by violent means.

Without exaggerating, the Missions Jesuits were for the natives which the concentration camps were for the Jews. In the process of the reduction million natives died in America; all fell in defense of their freedom, its identity and its dignity. They who – until the arrival of the conqueror they stood out by his sylvan life; from the reduction – by first time they had to construct stone constructions. Then, they were forced to become to the Christianity. All the first stage of that time, the conquerors tried the colonization by means of the use of their language: the Castilian.

Nevertheless, the indigenous resistance became strong and determined, to the point to refuse to learn the Castilian. This fact, unpublished in the conquest of America, forced the conquerors to be reduced and to be put under they themselves, to the knowledge and use of the millenarian and harmonious Guarani Language. Thence it begins and one extends until today, the incredible historical phenomenon by which the Castilian is reduced by the Guarani.

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