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The day as a platform such as ENT and speech therapy practices, educational institutions and schools, hearing aids CI care professionals offers support groups and rehabilitation centres. As well as information booths and lectures, presentations, children’s parties, and many other activities belong to the colorful program. A highlight of the day will be a now traditional nationwide air balloon action. Punctually at noon balloons on June 12 in many places with the imprint “deaf and still hear!” in the sky. Cards attached to the balloons not only inform the CI, but allow your receiver also participate in a raffle.

The Finder, as well as the sender of the winning post card a balloon ride each wave the lucky winners. “The patronage for the nationwide day of action actress Andrea Spatzek assumes the role of Gabi Zenker in the ARD series Lindenstrasse after 2005 for the second time,” since now five years represents a CI holder. Familiar voices no longer to be able to hear, music, laughter, but also horns or sirens this loss makes many sufferers to despair”, so the prominent Thespian. But there is a glimmer of hope: the CI! For me, it’s a minor miracle that this contraption could allow to perceive sounds again. An impressive invention!” For an overview of all regional events as well as more information about the day of action, see Please note in note also the following related to our message on the television: on June 12, Frank Elstner is in the television show Menschen der Woche “(SWR, 22.20 Uhr) on the occasion of the 5th German CI day devoted to the cochlear implant.” His guests will be Professor Roland Laszig, Managing Director of ENT University Clinic Freiburg, as well as the CI-, medical student and cochlear Graeme Clark “-Stipendiatin Ann Lucas Rauch be. On request we can provide also, further information is available. the cochlear implant (CI), a prosthesis, which is inserted under the skin of the patient and extends in the inner ear, transforms spoken words and other acoustic signals into electrical impulses. The auditory nerve is stimulated by these impulses, which is located in the cochlea, the so called cochlear.

Each CI also include the language processor that is worn like a hearing aid behind the ear, as well as the emitter. The CI will open access to the world of hearing and the words spoken born deaf children, as well as highly hearing impaired children and adults. Founded the Deutsche cochlear implant society e. V. (DCIG) wurde1987 by those affected, doctors, technicians and educators together. The DCIG aims, the health and social needs of deaf and ertaubter children and ertaubter adult to protect and promote, with a cochlear implant (CI) or a similar tool supplies were or are. The scope of activities of the non-profit association covers the entire German-speaking world. Since 1998 the DCIG acts as an umbrella for currently has ten regional associations: Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Berlin-Brandenburg, Hessen-Rhein-Main, “Little eavesdropper” – parents initiative promoting loud language impaired children, Central, North, North Rhine-Westphalia, society for integrative hearing rehabilitation Association of parents and friends of deaf children in southern Lower Saxony, Germany.

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