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Ozonizers air at home are active in our everyday life of the air – the air of our apartments. Exhaust emissions of companies contain substances that cause considerable damage to health. A source in the apartments of toxic compounds can easily become a furniture made of synthetic materials, coatings, paints, detergents and cleaning products, combustion products, mold and bacteria. This is not a complete list of things that pollute the air in a residential area. Hence frequent headaches, and various forms of allergy, a weakness. Ozonator Air destroys home nearly all volatile compounds with the organic nature and in the confined space of our apartment cleans the air of dust and odors.

In this ozonizer air for the home, creating an ozone concentration of about one tenth of a milligram per cubic meter actively disinfect indoor air, eliminating pathogenic microbes. Naturally by ozone in a closed space is formed. Therefore, one way out – to include ozone generator. By the way, Ozonizers in Russia began to be used for domestic purposes with increasing frequency. Some believe that the air conditioner is able to replace the ozonator air for the house, but he often becomes a source of pollution of air conditioning, especially when "planted its filters." By the way, our citizens are often witty use ozone generator air for the home as a unit, which disinfects the air conditioner. Typically, the device switched on for 20-30 minutes. That's enough. Incidentally, during the influenza epidemic at home ozone generator air can be used several times a day, especially if the house is sick and young children.

Ozonizers in Russia have been used for ozone air quality not only at home but also to clean the premises at the hotels for the animals in the kennels for dogs and cats. While there is no instrument that would be more effective and safe for living beings "cope" with clean air. Particularly pleased with the owners of domestic air ozonator that under the action of the device in the premises of odors disappear. People who are breeders of different breeds of cats and dogs to get rid of the smell of excrement in the cells, reduce the risk of disease of animals, when they contain quite a lot. And when the house is small puppies and kittens are not yet accustomed to the order, domestic ozone generator air is a must.

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