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Patience is health is the phrase when I have no header, I try to remind me it as so do chaos with everything to my around. Or feel the temptation to let me succumb front ones, irrepressible, desire to consult via internet, the technique of reducing heads and start practicing with them I have to hand. Siiiiiiiiiiiii, how to guessed?, exactly I start by those who live. Yes, also, ud, will say me that it is not so bad, but I refer to the facts. I describe, succinctly and with luxuries of details situations, so step, I confess, exorcizo desire to practice reducing techniques and try to forward them to the fats that surround my abdomen so that the thing is healthier, for example and provide more benefits. I can also divert the effort to grab someone or visualize what underneath your hair purposes non sactos, toward trying to educate me to del Olmo, Olmo was born and not willing to give pears.

It would also be good to know of where Devils came this collective fantasy of pears and will go down me homicidal instincts against the world originally am in favour of talking about people is understood. But there are things that supposedly, according to my modest understanding, they deduce alone, solitas and alone. For example, how explain you to my son and his energies that met seven years, the difference between just a son and the son of a chimpanzee. How I tell you or explain you, it is normal that a mandrel and a chimpanzee baby is descuelguen of lianas in the jungle or in his absence the improvised at the zoo and is own animals? And at the same time avoid an identity crisis, when I say: Okay I have the age of the mona chita but I want to be Tarzan. He is a boy, not the ersatz Mr.

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