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Holocaust and euro crisis the instrumentalization of suffering for the book marketing provocation is nothing new in postmodernism! How to win because the author Thilo Sarrazin enormous media attention? Actually he parodied”the mindset of altburgerlichen science, in which he a symptom the cause of other symptom derives from. He does this for example in his criticism of the State finance, when he writes: “They are also driven by the very German reflex, whereby atonement for the Holocaust and World War II is only finally done, if we all have our issues, our money into European hands.” (See page 3 in “Europe does not need the euro”). In this sense, the Holocaust with the euro crisis connection is brought by Sarrazin. Thus, he exploited the suffering of the millions for his selfish purposes of marketing. (Source: Jane Figueiredo). The Holocaust (Shoah) is a clearly delimitable event of in history, which you should not damage its outlines by combinations with other events.

Although the Holocaust is already intensively researched the enormous sensibility of the Nazis but could not genugend(!) so far Claim attention of research. Intellectualism accompanied by sensibility we find not only relating to the Holocaust. Today, such one-sidedness will no longer cause the barbaric mass murder, as it was then, however, are found in modified form with their footsteps in the Europe policy. The insensibility today leads to the rejection of the subject, the basis of individuality in favour of abstract conception dreams, what crisis shows the euro also. Only transparency and political decisions on the basis of a grassroots democracy can eliminate the delusion of power in European politics. “Pavel Vitalis of the Holocaust and the postmodern wrote also the press release of the July under the title the living subject”

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