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Patients who take ALVEO, feel calm and cheerful. They say that it is easier to concentrate and make a decision. The University of Chicago shines more light on the discussion. I can give you an example of a patient KZ whose ALVEO acted positively to several body systems. He suffered from hypertension, but thanks to the ALVEO I was able to significantly reduce the dosage of medication. Just as in the case of analgesics and antirheumatic drugs, which the patient escaped from osteoarthritis – I reduced the dose of nitrates nominated for the heart. In addition the patient had elevated levels of cholesterol and blood urea.

Even here there was a significant improvement. Above all, thanks to ALVEO he stopped taking antidepressants. I am convinced that I must inform their patients about all the possibilities as can be a quick recovery. Therefore, our patients would recommend ALVEO. Therapist MUDr. Peter Gdovin In my practice, I made extensive use of naturopathy, specifically acupuncture, homeopathy and methods mioskeletarnoy medicine. A few years ago, I met with ALVEO and immediately decided to try it. First of all, himself.

The results were encouraging: in particular has improved my physical condition, I felt more calm and balanced. Gradually digestive problems have disappeared. In general, I do not doubt to recommend ALVEO as an additional treatment for some of their patients, namely those for whom the assigned treatment did not bring results. On the basis of their observations, I concluded that prolonged use of ALVEO noticeably reduces the impact of the negative impacts of the civilized and leads to better overall health. The most attention I would draw on his act as detoxicants. The best results I have noted in their patients who suffered complications with digestion, skin diseases and joint pains. Eating ALVEO, observed the same temporary impairment general health, as in the use of homeopathic medicines. Then the problem quickly and pass the state is gradually improving. I think, ALVEO belongs to the best product of its kind.

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