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Manual methods of administration allow for an individualized approach, allow work in even the most sensitive areas with very thin skin to allow a more economical use of medicines and do not require large additional costs. In mesotherapy, as indeed everywhere else, 'manual' work is appreciated more. The use of automatic injectors, of course, makes the injection less painful, which is especially important when processing large areas of skin, like, say, anti-cellulite treatment. Facilitates and accelerates the work of the doctor, but increases the cost of the procedure through the use of expensive equipment. Here plays the role and image of the moment: the use of special equipment is always mentioned in the advertisement.

Informed choice of medicines funds, account history, good technical skills can minimize complications during mesotherapy. And yet they are found. This is evidenced by numerous publications and personal experience of each doctor. Faced with the absence of the expected effect when using multicomponent 'cocktail' (of 5-8 components), with necrosis in a little deeper introducing excessive doses, even non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, not to mention the cortisone. Rare, but allergic reactions, especially when using biological products, vitamins. Moreover, allergic reactions may be in the form hives and even angioedema. Cases of anaphylactic shock was not described, but the presence of antishock set in the office mezoterapevta necessarily.

Vagal syndrome, doctors rarely observed: bradycardia, fall in blood pressure, cold extremities require an immediate injection of atropine. Patients with high pain threshold, if it enters the sensitive points (for fibromyalgia), accompanied by the introduction of caffeine significant morbidity. When careless disinfect skin, failure to comply with the rules of aseptic and antiseptic possible infectious Oslo . Although the literature describes cases of infection, even at absolute compliance All the prescribed norms. At the injection site on the background develop inflammation, the formation of scars, lesions postinflammatory hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Summing up today, we can say that, perhaps, definition of mesotherapy only as a special technique of injecting drugs is not entirely fair. Mesotherapy, rather – a special technique of medical practice, which allows for the prevention and rational pharmacotherapy of various pathological conditions. Special place and the popularity of mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine due to the possibility of pathogenetic approach to addressing the various cosmetic problems, the possibility of drug delivery is not just a target organ, and directly into the target tissue. Not only local and regional effects of drugs, but also their systemic impact, coupled with positive effects on themselves injections should provide a pronounced and long lasting results. Although sometimes we are faced with the lack of desired effect. What is the reason for this – worth investigating. With the complications encountered infrequently, if they can be completely avoided? Homeopathic or allopathic l ekarstva – what to choose? How to create mezoterapevtichesky 'cocktail'? Who and how this will teach? And someone: a doctor or a nurse? And finally, the most interesting – whether it is possible today to determine the place mesotherapy in cosmetology tomorrow?

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