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The Board of Trustees of good seeing e.V. from (www.sehen.de/…) recommendations here. Optometrist, advise adults every two years to check their eyes, because vision problems often gradually evolve. From 40 years of age, they advise to an annual test to correct the presbyopia, as soon as it occurs. What should you look for when purchasing glasses? Based on the vision test, the optometrist created a recommendation for customized eyeglass lenses. Because it is important that the glasses are optimally adapted to the respective requirements of life, the occupation and the activities of the glasses wearer.

Here a distinction in principle between a. a thickness glasses for long – and short-sightedness, b. progressive lenses for a combined long – and short-sightedness from 40 years, c. workplace glasses are matched on a relaxed look in the medium – and short-range. These types of glass are available in two different materials: glass and plastic.

Plastic glasses are called eyeglass lenses made of glass, mineral glasses, usually cheaper and scratch-resistant, lighter and bruchfester. The selection criteria are decisive as the wearing time and stress of the glasses or even the asking price of the buyer. For special requirements there are various offers to d. sports glasses for clear vision at in – and outdoor sports activities, e. Selbsttonenden glasses that automatically darken in the Sun and indoor again be clear, f. toned and clear Sun glasses lenses for UV – and shade of the eyes. Different coatings for the glasses offer more opportunities to vote the glasses on the personal lifestyle: as a hard layer for example protection offers against scratches, recommended for children’s glasses or softer plastic glasses. An anti-static coating will stick dust and dirt, less on the eyeglass, suitable for eyeglass wearers, who constantly wear their glasses. High-tech coatings like DurVision Platinum von ZEISS (www.zeiss.de/ duravisionplatinum) offer an all-round protection with a combined anti-reflection coating, hard coating and antistatic coating.

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