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PositionTracer by SecurStar guardian angel via cell phone in disease and in the age of Munich, June 04, 2008 according to statistics about 1.2 million people in Germany suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease with an upward trend. The reason lies in the ever-increasing life expectancy and the progressive ageing of the population related. Because the risk of dementia, is greater in the age. To contribute to the protection of old and helpless people, the company SecurStar has now developed the software PositionTracer for mobile phones. Using this product, it is possible metres to pinpoint the location of people and valuables. According to current surveys, each Zwanzigste between 65 and 69 years in Germany suffers about dementia, while almost one in three is affected between 80 and 90. Cognitive disturbances called forth by the disease and others affect the memory, the orientation and the linguistic expression. On the basis of which the sick are suddenly often even in familiar Environments have more difficulties and can therefore get into dangerous situations.

The software PositionTracer acts like a guardian angel via cell phone for confused and disoriented people, without restricting it too much in their freedom. The software is installed on your mobile phone and allows a metre-exact live tracking of the person. On a map or a satellite photo, so current sites and way histories of the mobile owner can be tracked online and in real time. These zones can be defined, upon entering or leaving an alarm is triggered either via email, SMS or Messenger etc. A practical example: the Alzheimer’s patient leaves his usual walk or Park, members will be informed promptly by a signal and have the opportunity to respond. PositionTracer is ideal for locating old or sick people, that can signal their plight in spatial or temporal disorientation by simple throwing of a special \”PANIC\” button.

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