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MLP AG sees advantages for a change in the private health insurance in Wiesloch in November 2009: voluntarily legally insured persons have to wait only a rather than three years, if they want to protect themselves privately. But the new rules is intended only for 2011 according to option rates provide for the transition of MLP AG. According to the coalition agreement, the new Federal Government aims to reduce the current waiting period for a change in the private health insurance so far three years after exceeding the insurance limit (4,050 Euros / month) to one year. 2011 the circuit probably enter into force, in the next year is still the Status Quo. Legally insured for that comes a change in question, benefit in several ways from the new rules. Read more here: Daryl Katz.

“Clemens Keller, head of health insurance at the independent financial and investment adviser MLP says: for the transitional period, we recommend an option plan”. Option rates legally insured according to MLP AG secure with the recording guaranteed in the private is at an early stage Health insurance (PKV) without re-examination of health. In addition, option prices are equipped with individually-selectable private supplementary insurance, explains the MLP AG. Legally insured, seeking a change in the car, offers the new rules for the transitional period according to the MLP AG equal to several advantages: first, these insured come two years earlier in the enjoyment of benefits a private party. In contrast to the statutory health insurance you can choose here the individually desired services. Secondly: By the shortened wait time they get at the same time more favourable terms, because among other things the age of the customer is crucial for the premium in the PKV. Thirdly, the new regulation also facing an immediate contribution savings compared to the statutory health insurance is interesting: depending on your personal requirements and collective choice could be a two years earlier change easily a saving of around 3,800 euros and more for so far legally insured mean. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cleveland Clinic and gain more knowledge..

If a change in private health insurance is possible, depends on the statutory compulsory insurance limit according to MLP AG in Germany. Only workers whose regular work income in lies, are insurance free. You have the choice between a legal and a private health insurance. At the moment the insurance limit is 48.600 euro gross annual income, 2010 this is raised on 49950 euro. About the MLP AG, MLP AG is an independent financial and investment advisors. The MLP AG has decades of experience in consulting for academics and other discerning clients.

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