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SUMMARY 1 INTRODUO14 2 ABILITIES THAT FAVOR the TAKING OF 2,1 DECISO15 Auto 2,2 Comunicao16 2,3 Liderana17 2,4 Gesto18 2,5 Criatividade and 2,6 Inovao18 2,7 Discrio19 emotional Balance and the Ethics in relaes19 2,8 Knowledge in 2,9 languages and informtica20 Holstica21 Vision 2,10 3 necessary Knowledge to practical secretarial21 the PROFESSIONAL SECRETARY AND DECISO23 TAKING 4 4,1 PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS24 Environment of estudo24 4,2 Type of Estudo24 4,3 Universo and 4,4 Amostra24 Coleta de 4,5 Dados25 4.5.1 Objetivos25 4.5.2 Geral25 5 Especfico26 ANALYSIS OF DATA OBTIDOS27 5,1 Institutions of Superior27 Education 5,2 Privadas33 Companies 5,3 Pblicas38 Companies 6 patrician CONCLUSO45 REFERNCIAS47 APNDICES49 ANEXO52 1 INTRODUCTION the work aims at to clarify the abilities that contribute for the performance of the Professional Secretary in the taking of decisions. We present the essential abilities: auto-they esteem, leadership, communication, interpersonal, ethical relationship in the relationships, management, knowledge in computer science, knowledge in languages, discretion, holistic vision, necessary creativity, innovation and knowledge to the practical secretarial. The accomplishment of the field research was necessary to evaluate if the secretaryship professional possesss the ability to take decisions and which the difficulties that this faces. He stops this, was carried through the research of field in six private companies amongst which three institutions of superior education and three public companies, in the city of So Lus, with the intention to get greater show. The decision taking has as purpose the solution of general organizacionais problems or to improve specific aspects of daily labor and the alone one will have success with the creation of a sustainable plan, that includes the planning, the organization and flexibility, and who has the power of necessary decision to develop abilities to reach the organizacionais objectives. The decision taking is a preparation process that does not have accurate formula, therefore depends on some factors: the available time, resources, abilities, the objectives and the contextual understanding.

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