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Angustia, that laborious sensation painful that it obstructs to us sometimes, and with which if we do not know to fight IT TOTALLY OCCUPIES AND IT DIRECTS to our world the anguish belongs to the world of the affection, is a sensation that undergoes feels in major or measured minor, but that always this to feel produces to him malaise. The person becomes distressed or is distressed by different circumstances or facts that take to him to feel that amount of displacentera tension, and that on the other hand are within the daily thing or daily to live on the people, that is to say does not comprise of an Exceptional event , but at any time it is possible to be produced in answer as I said previously to an event that appears the person to him and it express this one it with that tension that produces malaise to him. This one Anguish when it is in low levels, the person in spite of its existence can continue with its life, but it does not feel inhibited or crippled to act. When Angustia appears in abnormal and excessive levels, in form massive is common here the panic, the panic attack. As a result of the panic attack, the person cannot act or realise her activity in normal or natural form, but this one massive and intense anguish affects different organs from the body, of the SNC and it is pronounced producing a picture in which they are it jeopardize different organs and autonomic functions, that obtain that the person feels much fear, and until the sensation of not having control of his life and its actions. Who feels anguish, she feels pain, more or less intense pain that corporally subjectively is felt, and that pronounces in the person after that tal o cual fact or situation has vivenciado, or interrelation, or in aim anyone has been the reason that as to displacer it went off like internal and subjective tension.

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