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In Japan, there are the Government Office for the middle and small businesses a range of specialized services and institutions, for this work, for example, Corporation for financing of small enterprises, the Central Cooperative Bank and others are provided benefits on finance and taxation for developing small businesses operating in priority for the country's economic direction. There is a system of state guarantees on loans that are issued to small businesses by private banks. In our country, in accordance with Federal law "On State support for small business in the Russian Federation "financial support for programs, projects and activities aimed at supporting small businesses, is conducted annually at the expense of the federal budget, budgets of subjects of the Federation and local budgets, as well as from funds received from privatization of state and municipal property, income from own operations, voluntary contributions from businesses and individuals (including foreigners) and other legitimate sources. The volume of mandatory annual allocation of funds to report the Russian government indicated on the expenditure side Federal budget a separate line. Details can be found by clicking Cleveland Clinic or emailing the administrator. Similarly, indicate the budgets of the Federation subjects and local authorities. For the accumulation of financial resources allocated to support small businesses created by federal, state and municipal funds to support small businesses. All of these funds – nonprofit organizations (legal persons), the statutory objectives which is to finance programs projects and activities for the establishment and development of small businesses. The main activities of support funds are: The recruitment and use of financial resources for the implementation of targeted programs, projects and activities for small businesses; participation in development, examination, selection and implementation of federal, regional and municipal (local) development and support of small business; project work in small businesses, de-monopolization of the economy, competition, saturation of markets, creation of new jobs; participation in the formation of market infrastructure, providing equal conditions and opportunities for small businesses; support for innovation activities of business organizations, enabling the development and manufacture of new types of products, assist in the development of new technologies and inventions; assist in attracting domestic and foreign investments for the implementation of priority activities in the field of small business; arranging consultations taxation and the application of law to small businesses.

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