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Scars after removal of the tumors were at rest, all indices were normal. In the treatment of patients between hospital stays, go to work and continued to active lifestyle. The patient (37 years) was found fibrosarcoma. All the thoracic cavity was filled with enlarged lymph nodes. Thoracic cavity were covered with three-centimeter tumor mass, which stretched along the major bronchi of the lungs, there were a few isolated metastasis.

The patient was curative course of intensive chemotherapy. Then she started using ALVEO. Doctors who have been treated, indicated the total her health, patience to treatment and blood tests as surprisingly good. Professor Roy Taylor may find this interesting as well. Hemoglobin, white blood cells and platelets is not reduced below normal. After a year and a half in front of the upper part of the cavity and near the right main bronchus was detected only residual compaction in areas of previous outbreaks of the tumor. Three men and two women aged 53-58 years waited for the unexpected improvement of cataracts. The time it took to achieve These results, from one to three and a half months. In all three cases, the fully adjusted state lens, and in one case, an opportunity to avoid replacing the lens.

In another patient with cataracts, which arose due to retinal detachment, vision improved by 60% and the operation is also canceled. Last of their patients threatened by a complete loss of vision due to retinal detachment complete both eyes, cataract and secondary glaucoma. The patient made several transactions with little result. But after eating ALVEO vision improved by 50%. More examples. In three women and one man (from 30 to 50 years) was awarded the healing of leg ulcers. In all ulcers healed cases for six nedel.Prishli to normal, and edema of the lower extremities. In three patients aged 41-72 years and an eight-year boy was noted to improve the health of anemia, which accompanied by permanent loss of blood and recurrent inflammation.

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